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In the coming days, the community is getting a complete overhaul with the categories available for posting and the rules.

Over the years, I have seen this community morph from a community of conversation, relationship building, and a place of assistance into a place where people link drop and leave with no conversation. This community was once different from the masses of other communities on here, but alas that is no longer the case.

This is my last ditch effort to bring this community back to it's former glory.


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We have a go fund me account for Max to get a fence


Stay positive and please stay here
Nice people are needed everywhere
For sure you have some smiles to spare
Since you're the kind to share and care
Hope my little poem can bring some cheer
Make you feel at home. You're welcome here
I'm very sure you are, my dear

© 2017 Cora J. Bouzane

I am very proud of all of you guys and everything you have accomplished and will accomplish in the future 

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Kristen Lamb makes several good points in this article. I think this is a "must read".

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I do a similar setup with my WiP, although I like doing short scene summaries as I go.

Hi, I like writing stories with awkward characters and unneeded details. I'm currently in college for something that may or may not end up being useless, music. So I figured I might as well cultivate my writing skills as they are more useful thus forth.

A Prompt:

Awkward conversations that happen at the grocery checkout line.

Lettuce commence,

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My hobby other than poetry is to draw........ Here is a pony which I drew in my spare time....
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