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The Writers' Coffeehouse has come to Twitter! Join us for #CoffeehouseTalks, #CoffeehousePrompts, #CoffeehouseSupport and other activities for #writers and all from the #writerscommunity. Hope you join us @WriCoffeehouse

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“To be successful you must sacrifice”

What are your opinions of this piece of advice?

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It's a brand new week. Time to start thinking about what you would like to accomplish during this week.

Personally, I am terrible at keeping goals, but I like thinking about what I'd like to accomplish. Sometimes I achieve what I set out to do and other times I only get started, but either way I am moving forward. This week, I would like to start my new outline for my book, complete two blog posts, and start the online writing course I signed up for.

What are your plans?

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I'm an Atlantic Canadian author - primarily contemporary romance, but my first historical was just published yesterday. I have a traditional publisher (ebooks) and I am self-published as well (after my old publisher went out of business and I had to get my books back out.) Thanks for letting me join :-)

Time for some #CoffeehouseSupport!

Anyone struggling with their WiP—questions, concerns, complaints? Maybe we can help; talk to us!

I'm a poet, painter, thinker and author engaged in writing my first novel. I would like to introduce myself, so hello to all! I found this forum to be full of interesting writers whom I might extract some kernels of knowledge and experience from. Thank you all, and now I'd like to share a poem I wrote called "My old friend, The Tree"..

That tree that towers over me
One time was just as big as me
My father planted it one spring
And later hung a tire swing

I climbed and played all over it
And laid down underneath a bit
It weathered every storm and wind
Always there to be my friend

I passed by to see you the other day
I've missed you since I've been away
You'll be there when I've died and gone
For another child to come along.

"When You Least Expect It" - a poem by Walt Simmons

When you least expect it, expect the unexpected
And if you seek then you shall find
The one not known who hid behind
Her heart so long neglected

There in the cradle of the abyss
The answer to my prayer would render
The son of a lesser god would miss
His dauntless crusade the wicked would hinder

By those who cherished not his bride
And knew not that she had a soul
A well protected fortress would hide
The one who filled his heart with gold

They would be caught with great surprise
By her King who had a plan askew
Their meeting at first befraught with lies
They would forgive and begin anew

And find a power that transcends the flesh
Two hearts, two souls together at last
The power of His hand would mesh
An joyous love would cleanse the past

And confuse the minds of all who doubted
And bring these fevered souls together
From the highest mountain tops was shouted
This great love bestowed will be forever

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