All right! Who's available for a game this coming Monday, April 30? +Graham Ziolkowski +Eric Simon +PK Sullivan +Scott Danielson +Marshall Jacobson?


The Eye and Pestle: The Story So Far

The Eye and Pestle are an upstart crew of hawkers dealing their poisons and other alchemicals on the streets of Crow's Foot. There's Molerat (+PK Sullivan), an unkempt siege engineer and mad scientist. There's Crow (+Graham Ziolkowski), a foreign sword collector... and sword fighter. A young local guy, they call him News (+Eric Simon), spreads rumors as well as he digs them up. There's also Nail (+Scott Danielson), an ex whaler and current expert in reckless violence. Once they were joined by a cultist, Milo (Graham) with a dark secret. A skilled Skovlander sniper named Redeye (+Marshall Jacobson) steps in to help them every once in a while, and a corrupt dockside administrator, Porky (+joshua oconnor), once took a fall for them. More on that later.

The Eye and Pestle pissed off the Lampblacks and the Rail Jacks to get a foothold in the city of Doskvol. In so doing, they made good connections with the Red Sashes. It involved a strange request to steal a painting, the Brona Misa, from one of News' close allies. Frankly, it barely features in our tale.

No, our tale prowls along the edge of mortality itself, through the realm of ghosts and demons and the forces that stand between us and them. See, News had some street walker friends who kept getting possessed by ghosts. The Eye went to investigate, a saw a cult trying to bring a dead gang leader's ghost back to this side of the veil. The Pestle ground that operation to dust, and got a mysterious spirit tome out of the bargain.

Then the Eye and Pestle heard some distressing news: the Red Sashes were falling victim to the same possessions that gripped the prostitutes. Mylera Klev, sophisticated leader of the Red Sashes, demanded they find a potion to poison the ghosts out of their host bodies. Setarra, a demon enthralling the mysterious Milo, demanded they send a message to the Rail Jacks who guarded that potion. In the end, the symbol of the Eye and Pestle was cast into the sky in an electroplasmic explosion that lingered for days. The Eye and Pestle's reputation was truly launched on that score. It was also was set them at war with the Rail Jacks. Things would have been even worse if Porky hadn't gone to jail to take the heat of off them, but at least the Red Sashes and the sash twirlers got the potions they both needed to fend off the ghosts in their midsts.


The Eye and Pestle: The Ally of my Enemy of my Enemy is a Juicy Target

With a brand new war against the Rail Jacks on their hands, the Eye and Pestle is worried for their sales territory. It's already right in the middle of an ever-escalating gang war between the Lampblacks and the Red Sashes. Even the smallest misstep could mean the well of Eye and Pestle customers runs dry. The only solution is to find new customers.

While Molerat (+PK Sullivan) tinkers with his ghostly mad science experiments, News (+Eric Simon) and Crow (+Graham Ziolkowski) decide they should pull double duty: the'll steal territory from the Lampblacks and try to do a favor for the Rail Jacks at the same time. As a rowdy cutter, Nail (+Scott Danielson) is only too happy to help out.

After all of them go out to gather information, they learn the Lampblacks are working with the Gondoliers, who are vocal opponents of the Rail Jacks' efforts to unionize. Both factions share the skills of transportation and defending against ghosts. If the Rail Jacks unionize for better conditions and compensation, a bunch of Gondoliers might be tempted to leave their trade and join the Rail Jacks instead. The Gondoliers are selling ghost-related tech to the Lampblacks, who are storing the tech in a warehouse in Crow's Foot. The perfect target.

Eschewing their usual stealth, the Eye and Pestle decide to conduct a full assault on the Lampblacks. The attack is coordinated at every level: News as a scout on the rooftops, Crow and Molerat causing mayhem down on the streets, and Nail rigging an earthquake machine in the sewers beneath the warehouse.

Everything starts off well enough: News convinces the Lampblacks on the roof that the Red Sashes are staging an ambush in Tangletown, but they can cut them off if they hurry. Crow and Molerat fight and blast their way inside the warehouse, tricking the Lampblacks into thinking there's a fire in the building. Crow, decked out in his full (and fully demonic) Tycherosi armor, scares off any remaining Lampblacks. But then Nail gets overwhelmed in the sewer and flees the scene! That recklessness will haunt him until the end of his days.

Inside the warehouse, Molerat discovers a ghost door generator just like the Path of Echoes used a month earlier. He also discovers an old pal from the 133rd, Clive (also Scott), who's been taken prisoner! The two of them make quick work of the ghost door generator, quick because the building's integrity is fading fast!

Up on the roof, a disguised News helps a nearby Rail Jack to safety, parting with the potent and mysterious phrase "Tangletown Remembers." It recalls that fateful night a month earlier, then so many Rail Jacks died at the hands of the Eye and Pestle. What does the Rail Jack make of this cryptic phrase? Is it a rallying cry? That remains to be seen.

The Eye and Pestle makes a safe getaway as the Lampblacks and Red Sashes clash in another part of the district, thanks to a little foresight and conversation between News and Mylera Klev herself. The Eye and Pestle expands their sales territory into the area around the warehouse, thanks to unfounded rumors that the Lampblacks have unleashed even more ghost activity on those already stricken streets. The Rail Jacks inch closer to a peace trap of sorts, thanks to the cunning and savvy of the Eye and Pestle.

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Everybody ready for the game tonight? I believe we've got +Graham Ziolkowski, +Eric Simon, +PK Sullivan, and +Scott Danielson playing at the Dice Dojo at 7pm.

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Interesting points made here!
I'm hauntingly late to the party, and can't play much these days. But, I used to do a game design thing where I looked at mechanics and gave players suggestions for decisions: #dicenerdery ahead. Sorry if a repeat.

I'm only look at basic mechanics here, but special abilities shouldn't change too much. I crunched numbers on dice, and here are the big points:

Key Takeaways

Rolling 2d and keeping the lowest … is a really bad idea. Just awful. Push it and get 1d if you can.

The shift from 1d to 2d is worth it.

Your character gets really effective at 4D (duh). Anything lower means failure or partial success is more likely.

Every die you add cuts your chances for a bad outcome in half! So, ask yourself, what's good enough for this situation?
* Do you just want at least some success? Settle for about 3d.
* Do you really need full success? Shoot for 4d. It's usually worth it.

Details below...

OK, +Graham Ziolkowski, +Eric Simon, +PK Sullivan, +Marshall Jacobson, and +Scott Danielson, let's schedule our next session of Blades in the Dice Dojo!

How does next Monday, April 16th, work for everyone?

+Scott Danielson If I am doing G+ correctly, you should see the group "Windy CIty Savages". Also pinging +zach stanton and +Zach Stanton

The Eye and Pestle takes to the streets of Doskvol again tonight! I know +Eric Simon, +Graham Ziolkowski, and +PK Sullivan are confirmed to play. I think +Marshall Jacobson said he's unavailable but he's welcome all the same. And perhaps +joshua oconnor will join us tonight!

As usual, we're meeting in the Dice Dojo basement at 7pm.

Attention +Eric Simon, +PK Sullivan, +Graham Ziolkowski, and +Marshall Jacobson: I was just reminded that I have a prior gaming commitment this Monday night. We're wrapping up an online 5e campaign, so unfortunately I won't be able to play at the Dice Dojo on the 26th after all. Sorry about the need to reschedule. :\

How does Monday, April 2nd work for everyone?
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