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I have uploaded two recoveries to needrom and LineageOS cm13 for Blu Life Max phone.

The TWRP recovery can only be booted into due to touch being disabled in recovery mode on install.

what that means "fastboot boot recovery.img" works just fine, touch works in boot mode, however if you flash recovery example "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" touch doesn't work and mouse is required.

Carliv recovery works just fine cause, it's a manual recovery, volume up/down power to select.

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Thanks for +Jiharul Islam POLASH​​​​  for testing the file.

Instructions for Flash:

Download file:
TWRP3021_BLU_STUDIO_TOUCH_S0210UU_V14-MT6735 - by size: 14.5MB

Video made by Jirahul:
Clone of Studio Touch = Walton Primo H6:

Already have STOCK ROM for STUDIO TOUCH S0210UU on the repository by +William Smith​​​​  .

So is your responsibility any action!!

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TWRP Studio One Plus S0130UU

Credits to Antonio Lopez and also to Caio Lentini for risking device to make this happen One Plus S0130UU (TWRP)

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TWRP Studio C 5+5 D890 by Antonio Lopes
v2871 and v300!j1QUTAbJ!7a9j5GAHFg9U578GxCmiyg

For users that have stock ROM there is no need to select "modifications system".


First you need to make TWRP backup of ROM without modifications!!

After that backup save TWRP backup on your PC!!

This will restore your device in the event anything goes wrong

Then you can ROOT and modified what you want.

Start with flashing Chainfires SU for root SU zip

Hello ! After some hard work I have ported ctr recovery for Blue Studio XL d850q. It is kit kat based but it totally works ! Reply if you want to try it out !

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Hello everyone!!! Here is my port of TWRP 3.0 for device BLU Studio One S0110UU. Thanks to +Antonio Lopes for help me and answer my questions.

The link is to Mega folder that contain the scatter file and recovery.img ready tu use with SP Flash Tool

Hola a todos!!! Aquí les dejo mi port del TWRP 3.0 para el teléfono BLU Studio One S0110UU. Gracias a +Antonio Lopes por ayudarme y por su asistencia en mis preguntas.

El link es a un folder de Mega que contiene el scatter file y el recovery.img listos para usar con el SP Flash Tool


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Hola a todos hoy les presento un custom recovery para el Blu Studio Selfie S070Q es una versión TWRP v3.0.2 la pueden descargar desde el siguiente enlace

Todo el agradecimiento a +Antonio Lopes​​​​ quien realizó el excelente trabajo de portar el recovery para este dispositivo

A continuación las instrucciones para instalar:
-cabe destacar que es indispensable ser usuario ROOT
-Primero descomprimen el .zip en la sd
-encontraran un archivo llamado recovery.img
-descargan una app llamada flashify (ROOT) desde aqui
seleccionan la opción Recovery image y dan en choose file buscan el archivo recovery.img que descomprimieron lo seleccionan y siguen los pasos 
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Any Custom Recovery for Blu Life XL (l050u)??? Thanks!!!

Trying to work on pulling image from my BLU Studio C 5+5 LTE and creating a recovery.img

It will be specifically for-


An UPDATE (5/17/16)-
I have tried several different techniques to get an imaged flashed but I am running into roadblocks.

#1 Technique - Flash the entire device using factory tools.
Several of the various tools require 8909_msimage.mbn
When I try to build the file with
emmcswdownload -f "C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\bin\8909_msimage.mbn" -x "C:\Users\jtourvil\Desktop\BLU\My Blu Recovery\rawprogram0.xml" -s 5G -g 64M -p "C:\Users\jtourvil\Desktop\BLU\My Blu Recovery\";
the tool errors out and dies on me.  Anyone have ideas?  I have tried playing around with the s and g parameters but haven't had luck getting a file output.  I am confident of my rawprogram0.xml file as it matches up with the partition structure I manually mapped out using gdisk.

#2 Technique- Build OTA update file to fix key system files
The file requires having the correct signature dependent upon a set of test keys.  I get the following error- -- Install /sdcard/
Finding update package...
I:Update location: /sideload/
Opening update package...
I:read key e=65537 hash=20
I:1 key(s) loaded from /res/keys
Verifying update package...
I:comment is 1537 bytes; signature 1519 bytes from end
I:failed to verify against RSA key 0
E:failed to verify whole-file signature
I:verify_file returned 1
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted.
I:Saving locale "en_US"

I read the following guide-

As I understand it, having the correct keys is dependent on having testkeys for your build.  I have the build environment setup. The testkeys will be built when you compile the device.  Not sure quite how to proceed. as this is a slightly custom build and not mainline like many of the AOSP builds are for Nexus devices, etc.  I have the kernel source from Blu but that alone is not enough from everything that I know.  (Someone tell me I'm wrong!!!)

#3 Technique- Create Bootable SD Card
Problem- because of the locked bootloader you can't even fastboot a modified kernel.  Issuing ./fastboot <"kernel"> <"ramdisk"> results in the system reading the image and trying to download it to the device.  It fails because of the locked bootloader issue.
Not sure how to proceed on this one.

At this point I think I am tapped out on ideas.  I have learned a LOT about how this device works and have made a lot of notes on what does and doesn't work.  I have tons of notes and a full backup of the device (raw images of all partitions created using DD) but I can't get anything to write an image back to the device.  Maybe there is a Dev who would be kind enough to take pity on me and see if they can help me cross the finish line on any of this?

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Hi Guys,

I have a BLU Studio X (D750) and managed root using KingRoot app.

I then downloaded the Mobileuncle MTK tool from XDA;
and tried to backup my imei, but it didn't work for me. The app itself asked if I wanted to download another Tool called; ToolHero and I did. This app was more promising and I made a backup of my Imei. On my Blu I also can flash the stock recovery with ease (I received no problems).

I had no luck connecting my phone with MTK droid tool using windows 8.1/10 64 bit, even with the right drivers. I then installed Java SDK and Android Studio to get working google drivers for getting ADB to see my device, but not in MTK tools.
I guess it's a windows 8.1 64 bit thing, cause on windows 7 32bit system, my device does get recognized in MTK tools.

On MTKroms I downloaded the Philz recovery by Ajit;

I followed the instructions but the auto function did not work for me. It gets stuck in the loading section. I then downloaded the stock rom on the needrom website. Extracted the stock recovery and boot.img files.
Ran the program again and instead of auto I did the manual setup. I followed every step and came with this recovery image.

I've put this image in the root of my sd card and with ToolHero I flashed this recovery to my phone. It works for me. After fighting 2 weeks with this BLU, I got a custom recovery. You can try this recovery image if you want. It worked for me, but you can try it at your own risk.

Hope it helps others trying to search for a working custom rom for the BLU Studio X
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