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RULES and link for STOCK ROMs



- Show respect at all times

- Please post in English(if your English isn't very well, post your English translation AND your native language)

- Read everything you can about your device before writing something

- Please post in the correct category

- Do not spam or mess up the community! We will ban you if we need to!!

Member Code of Conduct Community BLU Products Development Team

This document establishes rules of conduct directed at members of the BLU Products Development Team community.

Art. 1 - The community member BLU Products Development Team is committed to act with civility with the other members, respecting their differences without any form of discrimination.

Art. 2 - Respect the rules of the community and the guidelines issued by moderation are essential to stay member in the community.

Art. 3 - You will be subject to a ban on the member:
I - promote piracy:
a) requesting, citing or publishing applications or site that promotes;
b) requesting, citing procedure or disseminating or tutorial that promote, like any lies the in-app purchases and
c) performing any other act that facilitates its spread;
II - harass member, including bullying practices;
III - assaulting any member verbally, physically or threats practice within the community or outside due to acts committed in the community;
IV - promote or take any other action deemed illegal by the nationalist legal order and
V - insist on the performance of acts discouraged by Temperance, acting in violation of the organization and guidelines established within the community.

Single paragraph. The member who witness any misconduct should immediately report it to effectively Moderation through hangouts or direct references (#mod), otherwise, analyzed the case for moderation, be considered complicit in the act and also subject to banishment.



For instructions your need look for the pictures if you have Mediatek device or you need search instructions if you have another Soc: Qualcomm;.....

Instructions for flash stock ROM Mediatek Soc Devices MT65xx

Instructions for Flash stock recovery or Custom recovery
*MEDIATEK devices only*


Hello, is there any custom rom for BLU Studio Touch ? I've been searching on net a while with no luck. Anyone got any Solution ? pls help me out. Thanks in Advance :D


Someone could please help me to go back my BLU VIVO 5 from Marschmellow to Lollipop?

Is there some how-to?


For those using a Blu Device, if you are still using the Stock Rom that came with your Blu Device, then you know that there are some bugs with it, such as making a folder and when you open it sometimes the apps are not shown or when you want to uninstall an app sometimes the option does not appear and etc.
If you are looking for a solution for this problem, then you are in the right place, you see, this seems to only be a bug in the launcher itself, so all you need to do to fix these bugs/glitches is to just install a custom launcher. I would prefer Nova Launcher or the Paid Pro Nova Launcher for it acts like a Stock Launcher but with many more options.

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Hello everyone
I need to know who is compiling this for Energy 2:

Alguno de casualidad tendra una rom para el Blu Life X LTE? de preferencia con un android mayor al lollipop :)


Any chance you have a rom for the Blu Life X LTE? Preferably with a bigger android to lollipop :)

Thank you!

Hi! Is there anything new about the BLU Studio Selfie? I've read that BLU allegedly created an upgrade to 6.0 (only some devices).

Also, any tips or whatever regarding this specific phone will be much appreciated!

Any known working root for Blu Advance 5.0 HD? I've tried both Kingroot and Kingoroot, both the desktop and mobile programs. No luck with neither. TIA

Hi All, new to the community. Had great 4+ years of a BLU Studio LTE6 and enjoy still the cell. One thing, my camera is not working. Keeps coming up with error camera not available. I re-started the phone, installed a new application, reset the phone to original manufacturer specs.... no camera. Is there a test or a way to find out if indeed is the hardware gone? or can it be brought back to life. I would hate to buy a new phone, this one is perfectly set for my use... And another thing-- if you reset to manufacturers setting, would it wipe the carrier information (phone number/ ..) Thank you :)
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