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Umas coisas destas era fenomenal!

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Good day, Fellow Agents!

Continuing the success of our previous Ingress First Saturday (IFS) Cross-Faction gathering, we are glad to inform and invite you to join the next IFS meet up on:
Date : 03 Jan 2015
Time : 09:00 WIB - Finish
Venue : Taman Suropati, Menteng - Jakarta, Indonesia

In this meet-up, You can expect a lot of fun from:
- Meeting your peers
- Making new friends
- Participating in the fun competition
- Rapid levelling support
- Getting unique IFS souvenirs, and
- Last, but not least, a very small chance of getting a girl/boy friend.

No need for pre-registration, simply come and be ready to share the fun!

New Agents are highly encouraged to join.

PIC: @heroquai @wiggo

#IFS3 #CrossFaction #MeetUp #Competition #fun

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For future reference...
In case anyone needs a vector image ;)
#ingress   vector logos under Creative Commons license. The biggest collection I've ever seen :)

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ideias :)
Got some awesome swag from agents! Guys, keep your cool artworks and creativity up!! These things are really cool! 
Thanks to: +Zeke Cao (way too many patches, guy!) +Julia Boehme +Albert Mark +Achim Samuel Bronkowitz  +Michele Ciacci +Cioko C +Mimi Kei +Gilles Gloden +Peter Gpetr +Neo Xander  #FUHA    #EnlightenedPorto #EnlightenedLisbon   #EnlightenedPadova   #EnlightenedModena   #EnlightenedMunich  for bringing me all these! 
If I forgot somebody please give me a hint :) too many in few weeks! 
+Joe Philley, yes sir, that's your hat. I stole it from +Zeke Cao O:)  
Enl-Res Swag
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Olha o challenge fresquinho...
We know that #Ingress agents love sporting patches. Help #Anker  to design an Ingress patch to give out at #Darsana  Anomalies. Submit your design by Oct. 20 for a chance to pick up an Anker external battery free of charge.

1. The patch must contain the new Anker logo, and the longest side should be no longer than 70mm.
2. To submit your design, please +Anker on Google+ or email before Oct 20.
3. We'll pick two designs on Oct 21 and post a new G+ poll to see which wins. 
4. The winner will be announced on Oct 22 and can pick one of any Anker external battery from our website free of charge.

Next stop: casaco ENL com capuz

deixem aqui sugestões escritas, ou imagens para termos ideia do que por aí anda.

Boas malta!

Há já algum tempo que vinha a pensar em ter uma 'área' onde gerir material ingress. 

Creio que esta comunidade servirá para encontrar respostas à vontade de fazer coisas físicas, como prendinhas, recordações, troféus e afins.

Sugestões, questões e pedidos são bem vindos.

1ª tarefa: criar um icon que represente a comunidade e o que almeja
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