Hey, I wrote this in the beginning of the year and am thinking about adding on to it, as maybe what happened before or after this "chapter", its not that good, but I would like to have input any way I can.

Basically the story is the first person narrative of a young ten named Jamie Tucker, who had just moved to a completely new town and had been living there for at least a week or so just in time for Halloween. I have a general idea of why he moved and it pertains to internet stalkers in a way, but I'm not so sure yet.

I'll create Concept art soon, this is very rough,

It can pertain to RP as well, if you guys are interested


It is a very dark and cloudy night not unlike how it usually is in your new house, the atmosphere is almost somber as you trek down the sidewalk. Halloween has always been your favorite holiday of the year, you don’t know if it's the costumes and candy that sparks your fond interest, but you know you love the celebration with a strong passion. Today you dressed up as a zombie for your friend Mika’s party, and it’s about time you should be arriving at her house at the end of your neighborhood. Mother told you not to walk alone, but it’s halloween night and there are trick or treater’s everywhere, what does she think is gonna happen? Anyway it’s not as if you’re completely alone because you planned to meet up with Henry and go house to house with him for a while before the party starts at eight. The houses are decorated very festive with exaggerated sized spiders, carved pumpkins galore, and many other creative designs, it really is nice to see your new neighbors are as spirited as your last. You go to a house with pumpkins engraved with cats and ring the doorbell gleefully, the door opens up. “Trick or Treat!”, you holler out with delight as you hold out your baje colored pillow case to the kind looking woman at the doorway. She gives you a shaky smile as she lowers her trembling hand into a bowl filled with chocolate and gives you a piece. You think nothing of it. You say your goodbye and thank her for her candy while you continue to the next house. The light isn’t on, but you try anyways, I mean what harm can it do to try. You ring on the doorbell and hear shuffling feet as if the person inside is hiding, if they don’t want to give you candy it’s fine there are plenty of other houses to gain from. On to the next house on the list, you’ve heard of this old couple that lives in this house and how they give out full sized candy bars, and on halloween that’s like winning the lottery. With your luck on houses tonight, this will be a victory. As you reach for the doorbell the porch light flickers off and the curtains shut. Now it is starting to get on your nerves. Ok whatever it's just one house there are plenty of others to get to before the party. Henry must be already waiting so you might as well walk to his house now. He might increase your luck..you never know. His parents aren't really the type to celebrate Halloween and he is only allowed out because you are with him. You've known Henry for a while now, he has been your first friend since you moved to this new area. Come to think of it your parents never even told you why they had to move houses. I mean the house was nice and you had plenty of friends your age, it's hard to tell if something specifically caused the move. You may have lost your friends but at least you have your online friends still with you. Your whole social life really revolved around the computer back then, not as much now though. With this new town, city and friends maybe you really don't need the old friendships you have online.... maybe you should cut the ties. It will help with the whole stereotype that all teens care about is their image online. Lost in your thoughts you realize that you are closing in on Henry's tan old modern home. Maybe he would like to start trick or treating down this street or even turn on- what was that..? A strange familiar sensation creeps along your spine as you glance around the neighborhood. Where are the other children and adults? Why do you feel as if someone is there watching.. You don't just feel it you know. You push your concerns away as you see a family walking their young kids to the houses. You can already see his house so you shouldn't be scared of being alone. Arriving on the doorstep you yell "TRICK OR TREAT!" And bash the doorbell repetitively. Holding your breath you burst out giggling as an angry man opens the door and begins to scold you for being so loud. "I swear to god" he mutters as he glares at you. "Don't swear to god" you reply in a playful mocking tone. He ruffles your hair as you try to back away. "Henry your annoying little friend is here!" "I'm coming!" Responds a voice sounding as if it's coming from upstairs. "Oh um can I have some candy..I've had the worst of luck." "Serves you right" he laughs "but yeah here you go, take as much as you want" handing you a bowl of candy you take two large handfuls out. "Thanks" "no problem". The moment you open your mouth to say something else somebody hurls themselves at you. Recovering from the impact you look to see that it's Henry. "Wow you really took your time" you mutter as he regains himself and smiles at you, "it's my first time going out to a party". "I can tell that, are you ready to go?" "Uh yeah!" He turns to the man at the door, "tell mom and dad that I left and I'll be back at 11 and to not worry if I'm late" "ok have fun and be careful". You both say your goodbyes to his older brother and set off down the street. You hold your pillow case up to Henry and tell him to look in it, he responds confused, "aren't you supposed to get a lot of candy?" You respond, "this has been my worst candy haul, I mean look.. Half of my it is from your brother." He looks clearly amused as he laughs to himself. You guys hit a couple of houses and trudging down the street with almost full sacks. "You may see the pillowcase as half empty but I see it as half full" Henry mutters to you, with a confused glare you respond, "that's has literally no relevance to what we were talking about" in the midst of your stupid conversation a flash of alarm hits you as you hear footsteps behind you. Out of the corner of your eye you see a man in all black clothes watching you and Henry. Do you know him? You keep your attention on him as you walk and realize a few things about him; first of all, he is clearly a creep and he looks as though he- oh crap you made eye contact. Look away! Look away! ok so that was pretty creepy, should you tell Henry? Probably..he might over react though..so probably not.. You look over at your friend and see him happily walking in his little goofy vampire costume. You're almost on your way to Mika's house and you are really looking forward to leaving this area. The man is still following you. "Hey Henry how are you enjoying yourself?" You ask him in a monotone voice, he responds with a "it's really fun but my feet are hurting a bit..think we could stop of at my friends house?" "Yeah of course!" Relief floods your voice. You follow Henry as he leads you through the neighborhood to a lit up house, he rings the doorbell. The door opens as a little face pokes out. Is that a cat? The door opens more as a girl picks up the calico cat and cradles it. She looks up at the both of you curious and as she is looking around you assume she saw the man due to her reaction."Get inside." You walk into her house as she closes the door and locks it, you look at her and as you are about to thank her Henry blurts out, "I'm tired, I think I'm dying" "can you shut up?" You say scornfully.. quickly you respond with a "I mean..sorry." You look at her and share the same troublesome expression, she opens her mouth only to say a few words, "wanna stay here for a bit?" You look at your phone for the time and it reads 7 40, "we can stay for like a couple minutes if you don't mind." You and Henry relax for about 10 minutes before you decide to leave. You thank her for letting you cool off at her house and you guys get back on track to the party. You almost forgot about the mysterious man ways away, but the footsteps behind you caused you to remember your stalker and turn your all your attention to him. “Maybe we should walk a bit faster..we will be able to get there sooner” you turn to henry with concern, “er alright” he starts picking up his pace as you two speed walk to the direction of Mika’s house. Maybe the man isn’t really a stalker or a creep and you are just overreacting, so once again your concern and suspicion fades as you start a light hearted conversation with your dear friend. Henry tells you he has to go to the restroom so he runs into the house in a very silly fashion, you think it is rather funny You watch him go and and start walking a bit faster, your mind filling with relief. Your relief is quickly replaced with dread and horror as you hear a very raspy voice from behind you, “...don’t go so fast Jamie, you might leave me behind.” How does he know your name. You feel sick to your stomach as you realize the situation you are in and you feel as though you are going to throw up. You try to run. Your feet won’t move. Why won’t your feet move. What's wrong with you. He is getting closer. You can hear his footsteps gaining on you. Move! Run! Do something! But you can’t move. You feel his warm breath on the nap of your neck. Suddenly you regain yourself and make a run for it, you feel as though this is the fastest you have ever ran in your life. But it’s not fast enough, he grabs you. Screaming at the top of your lungs you call for somebody anybody, with all your force you manage to kick and struggle against the adult man, but his grip on you only tightens. “Let go of me you disgusting freak!” You can hear him breathing heavily as he begins to drag you away from the house. You yell for Mika, you yell for Henry, you yell for your mom, you yell for your dad. He presses a cloth against your mouth and your nose. You should have stayed home, why did you have to go to a stupid party, everything is over. You begin to cry wishing to be home again with your family, but your wish is pointless, your life is over. You lose consciousness.

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Am i a monster looking like a girl

Name: BRVR
Gender: Male
Species: Pikachu
Method of attack: Usually teeth or claws
How my victims are treated: Just kill them.
Lurks: Pokémon Dead Channel
First kill: Skitty

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name (full)julia porter
species pony/human/proxy
skills-parties, combat, magic (best at dark magic), craftsmanship, technology
likes-being in athority, being popular, pranks, forests, scary stuff, music, quite (at times)
Personality- knows a lot about the brain, level headed, smart, talkative, sometimes has a short temper, is immortal (age wise), as human can make wings dissappear/reappear at will, gets revenge on anyone that does something to her
best friends (compainions)Slender Mane, Pinkamena, Rainbow Factory Dash
other friends-well known creepypastas (and the pony versions of themselves)
human-wearing a hoodie, a pair of jeans, tennis shoes. has wings (at times), blonde hair, and blue eyes 5' 4"
pony-has a horn and wings, blue body, white and black mane/tail 5' 0"
bio-after being driven to insanity from multible things in her life, julia went into the woods in seek of a clear mind...only to be meet with the creature that had been stalking her for months-Slender-and long story short, was turned into a proxy.
i wish for my home to be within slender's mansion.
my lurking place will be any woods that there are.
my victims...hmmmm well i will mess with their head  cuaseing them to fall into my hold,then, at the right time, make several cuts in their body and feel dizzy. and make the final cut for the kill
if ordered by slender to do differently, i shall do so.

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((I'm putting my entree in as SoE cuz why the heck not?))
Name: SoE
Method of attack: dual sword fighting
How my victims are treated: I have no patience whatsoever, especially if I'm hungry.
Lurks: The Shadow Realm
ささやきさん║SasayakiSan — Dolls + Mp3
Not Tomorrow / Lisa's Death (Piano Version) - Silent Hill
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Name: Ultimate Evil
Method of attack: If I am bored I might kill you but if you hurt SoE I will kill you for sure 
How my victims are treated: I talk to them for a bit then I kill them
Lurks: In the shadows
Theme: Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold (instrumental version)

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um...okay, well, here goes!
name: Anzu Mazaki
method of attack: I flirt with them (all of my victims are male) then I get close and drug them to get them to tell me all of their secrets, and where their valuable items are hidden. Then I kill them. I leave no fingerprints.
how my victims are treated: Let's just say, I get right to the point.
lives: In the abandoned hospital

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Name: Jadyn
Method of attack: I don't do much until aggravated. When you upset me, I will haunt you to the point of suicide.
How My Victims are treated: I treat my victims how I want to treat them it. Each victim is different.
Lurks: In the Forest of Endor.
Not Tomorrow / Lisa's Death (Piano Version) - Silent Hill
Silent Hill: Not Tomorrow (Lisa's Death) Piano/Vocal/Cello cover by Yarrow.
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