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hoi ^^

plus this is Mangle The Gamer Fox 2.0 btw

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Btw this is Mangle The Gamer Fox 2.0, Im Using My other account

(pic not mine)

what would you do if one day...i died, how would you react?

Mangle How would you react if Shadow the hedgehog in human form Came to work at the pizzeria? And what would you do if you saw him?


How is everyone?

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+Mangle The Gamer Fox 2.0​ do you act weird?

I think someone spamed
Rule 1:no spam
Rule 2:be nice
Rule:3:no cussing

tANKS 4 tE iNvote Brehs

thanks for invite me! i have one question for Mangle: why do you make noise?
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