We may leave things behind today, we'll have to let them go. I might lose you one day, I hope not though I'll never know. I'll move away somewere, maybe I'll see the snow. Maybe some day, I'll just never know.

You know you have a great friendship, if you dont have to change to be with them ❤

She's my best friend.

We will laugh,
We will cry.
We're not perfect and we know why.
Lots of things will happen in our lives and some not so good.
And when we die we will fly, Together Forever

Life can be overwhelming.
Somebody can push your limits.
You just need to step down and make a joke out of it.

It may not be funny now,
But when you get over it you'll just look back and SMILE. 😊

Smile. Because u know there's people out there worse of than u

We may not be best friends FOREVER but I hope were best friends 4 as long as I can remember

Because I'll make u smile.
Then you'll laugh at my smile, and we'll laugh 'til it Hurts!

Your weird...
I'm weird...
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