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How much exercise I do in a week. I feel like I have a quite good starting point that I can work on to gain the correct fitness level of being a super hero. Every day I do fitness for at least half an hour( press ups, sit ups ect) followed by weight training and then about 2 km on a rowing machine.
Twice a week I go on runs ranging from 2 miles to 5 miles depending the time available. On Tuesdays I play football down at a sports club for about 90 minutes and on Fridays I do boxing to help improve my agility, strength and my fitness.
What advice would you give me, and how much do you do a week?

The Guardians page has gone but the people who made up the community are still online, in a video the amazing spider dude told that although the guardians initiative had ended we should make our own groups, so I thought why not. Most people here are not ready yet but we could work together to help prepare each other to become superheroes. I have got a lot of ideas of the fitness and skills needed to become a hero and have started my own gruelling training regime, I could share this with you and tell you what I believe is the fitness level needed to be able to fight crime. Some may disagree with me and that is why the community would exist to help advise and change our different training techniques. We could also share out ideas of inventions to each other so we could learn different ays of protecting ourselves.
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