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Name: Erza Scarlet
Age: 18
Left Hand: Sword(s) all kind
Right Hand: Sword(s) all kind
Chest: Armor
Feet: Boots
Magic: Requip
Likes: Strawberry cake, Jellal
Dislikes: People who hurt my comrads
Love: Jellal Fernandez
Hate: Zerif Dragneel and dark guilds
Attitude: It depends on what you say..Mostly confident.
Bio: ....
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Name: Jellal Fernandes
Age: 19
Just look at the pictures
Magic: Heavenly Body Magic
Thought Projection
Darkness Magic
Fire Magic
Water Magic
Wind Magic
Earth Magic
Abyss Break
Bind Snake
Square of Self-Destruction
Traits: on the darker side....but a good leader
Likes: Erza, his comrades
Dislikes: Zeref or anything associated with evil
Love: Erza Scarlet
Hate: Zeref Dragneel and dark guilds
Attitude: moody but optimistic....
Bio: ....
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Clean Template For Profiles
Name: Rin Hatake
Age: 17
Left Hand: sword
Right Hand: sword
Head: none
Chest: Brest blate
Pants: jeans
Knees: none
Feet: none
Shoes: Nina sandals like Naruto's
Arms: none
Back: none
Accessories: earnings, necklace, scarf
Magic: crystal magic, dragon slayer
Abilities: teleports, flys, understand any animal
Traits: non
Likes: reading, training and kind people
Dislikes: mean peopel, loud noises, and storing yucky smells
Love: yes
Hate: deponds if u hurt my friends or family
Attitude: shy,kind, caring, protective. Can kill when need
Bio: I live alone in a small village but u better be kind me to or I'll be picking ur self up from the ground. I'm alone because my family is deceased. I love kids they find me fun to be around,love hunting and reading and love animals .
Looks: pic below 👇

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Name: Lucina
Age: 24
Left Hand: Reverse Falchion
Right Hand: Falchion
Head: Golden Tiara
Chest: Tungsten Alloy Armor
Pants: Tights
Knees: Tungsten guards
Feet: All terrain boots
Shoulders: Tungsten alloy shoulder guards
Arms: chain sleeves
Back: Tungsten alloy back plate
Accessories: Gold Tiara
Magic: None
Abilities: Superb sword skills
Traits: Huh?
Likes: Food, Talking to people, hangin with friends and family
Dislikes: Nothing much
Love: Life, The Human Race, Nature, Peace
Hate: All evil,
Attitude: Calm, Collected, Mature, Outgoing, Positive
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+Jonathan Fancher
Thanks for the promotion son.

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thanks for the invite +Helios Dragneel

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Name: Rodoku Zirokuda
Age: 20
Left hand:
Right Hand: sword: chaos dark dragon or ancient dragon staff
Head: dark lord dark dragon helmet or king dragon helmet
Chest: dark lord dark dragon armor or king dragon armor
Pants: dark lord dark dragon armor or king dragon armor
Knees: dark lord dark dragon armor or king dragon armor
Feet: dark lord dark dragon armor leg or king dragon armor leg
Shoulders: dark lord dark dragon horn or king dragon horn
Arms: dark lord dark dragon gauntlet or king dragon gauntlet
Back: dark lord chaos shadow cape or king dragons wings
Accessories: great dark dragon dawn stone
Magic: chaos dark, fire
Abilities: transform into a powerful dragon, the true power of the true successor of darkness
Traits: Rodoku was born in pure darkness in the realm of the gods at the same day of his bother Zakodo yudokira during the beginning of the light and dark war in dissidia final fantasy
Likes: play with his victim for fun and torment, do some dark arts, do some dark experiments, sometimes go out for a hunt with his pets, and do whatever he pleases
Dislikes: those who seeks to get in my way, those who want stop me from my plans, annoyed me, and for those that had wounded me
Love: to see the all worlds cover in darkness and to destroy everything
Hate: the only warrior of light that can stop me and that is my brother Zakodo yudokira
Attitude: calm, organized, dangerous, deadly, destructive, and sometimes raging beast
Bio: during almost the end of the light and dark war in the realm of the gods Rodoku and killed Zakodo's little sister starla yudokira almost at the end of the light and dark war and he fought his rampage brother in the chaos facility 136 years ago and at the end of the light and dark war Rodoku and Zakodo had continue to fight and until one day they both had fall out of heaven and into earth separately and was raised but a clan of dragons and his new father is the kind of all dragons and he had taught him the way's of the dragon and how to use dragon magic until 16 years later the inner dragon had reveled inside him and it is the legendary dark dragon form the ancient times and 6 month's later he was crown the new king of all dragons and his destruction on earth and began
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Rodoku: thanks for the invitation of the upcoming day of darkness

Okay, what do you need me for?
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