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There is a business idea pitch competition this week. Entries due by end of day today. More info at the link.

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Startup weekend St. George is this week still time to get registered and join us.

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Startup Weekend Cedar City 4 tickets @ $40 first devs or designers to register get them.  Promo code is FortyBucks.

Startup Weekend Cedar City is back April 10-12, 2014.  $45 for early bird registration with discount code Custom40

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Cedar Now has a co-working space.  Perfect for getting out of the basement or coffee shop.  Join us in a place you can work for yourself but not have to work by yourself.

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Hey there.

I am new to the group.

I was wondering what the group members use for corporate communications and CRM at your startup?

In the past I have used Highrise,, Sugar CRM etc...
I actually like this new service our company Icoa built called OGGflow

It does a lot of the stuff you can do with Yammer and Salesforce Chatter on the collaboration side, but also lets you bring in your social network feeds and email accounts so the messages from customers and partners can be collaborated on internally.

For $5 a month per user I use it across all three of my current startups and it gives me everything I need for communications, social presence management, ticketing, and collaboration.

Do any of you use Yammer, Chatter or even Facebook Groups to manage your business?

I am a 20 year silicon valley veteran so wondering how everyone is working these days.

Message me if you would like to discuss this topic.

I think company operations social networks are the future of the workplace and should already be replacing email chains and meetings.

Congrats to all that went! Sorry I wasn't able to attend. Pretty busy with my 3 businesses I'm running, couldn't see room to add a fourth. Maybe next time!

Startup Weekend is here!! Who's ready for one crazy weekend?! Because it's going to be great!
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