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"Executive" "Door Supervisors" "UK"


"Executive" "Door Supervisors" "UK"
(SIA) ABS Door Supervision United Kingdom will patrol the entrance, floors and exits, ensuring safety throughout the entire night. In addition, we will also secure the external premises of your establishment. Rest assured that we will control the guests and crowd outside the premises with a firm but friendly approach to ensure an enjoyable safe night for all. We have seen many venues get shut down and know why it happens. Don’t let it happen to yours. We can assist by consulting you early on so that you won’t ever have to have an emergency salvage plan after getting one too many warnings which by then will most likely be too little too late.
 We understand that the one of duties of our staff is to monitor the crowd, ensuring that everyone has a good time within the limits of house rules. When it comes to nightlife security, we are more than just about checking IDs and diffusing bad situations.
 From a business standpoint, we understand the formula for disaster which enables us to ensure your business runs smoothly. This allows us to not only be a security company, but also a consultant. Licenses are subject to suspension and revocation if certain conditions are not met.
 Our Staff know that the most common condition is simply to comply with the law. That is, don’t sell to minors, don’t sell after-hours, and don’t sell to intoxicated persons. The last two can be prevented at the point of entry. Our UK Door Supervisors are trained to spot even the best fake IDs and will not let patrons in during after-hours.
 Many nightlife venues have been forced to close their doors simply due to poor business decisions made by uneducated Personel like letting an “underage” undercover officer in the door.
 A professional appearance is compulsory whilst representing our company. All of our Staff wear tailored Bespoke suits to suit your specific requirements. SIA ABS Staff will display their SIA licence in armbands provided at all times keeping in line with SIA regulations.
 All our operatives adhere to British Standards BS:7960:2005 and follow our company’s ‘Code of Conduct for our Security’.
 your venue will receive:
 Venue Survey Methods Statement Log Books Incident Books Radio Communication Equipment
 personnel employed by SIA ABS Employee's are covered by the company's insurance of public liability.

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