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1-Spamming will not be tolerated NOT TODAY,NOT TOMORROW, NOT EVER.
2-Any irrelevant post will result in Removal of Post and if it persists it'll result in a Permanent Ban from the community.
3-Blaming that you were banned from the community without any reason will not help
4-Users, if you find any irrelevant post just tag me (+Ken Adams​​​​​) in the comment section of the post.
5-Please use English as the language of communication, if you don't know English use Google translate.
6-ROM is meant to be used for personal use only if you want to modify and post the ROM somewhere contact me any commercial usage of the ROM without permissions will not be tolerated.

Rules may be modified from time to time so check this like once in a week.

Downloads and Installation thread can be found here:

Pure AOSP Nougat 7.0:

Caution: If your device explodes like note 7 😂😂 I'm not responsible for any harm that may occur to you or your device by using the ROM as I only compiled the ROM from the source code provided by Google no modifications were made.

Installation Instructions:
1-Unlock Your Device, if you're not sure Google it.
2-Flash the latest version of TWRP via bootloader (
3-Copy the ROM and Gapps to your device
4-Boot to recovery and then install-select ROM Zip then click add zip and add Gapps
5-After Installation is successful click on Reboot option
6-First Boot up may take a while don't worry give it some time
7-Experience the Pure Android
{This is my first thread / Post about publishing ROMs.}
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