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Allegiance: (Student 17-21, Villain 18+, Teacher 24+, White Fang 18+, Freelancer 21+, Huntsman/Huntress 22+)




Whit Branwen Checking In.

Name Aaron
age 17
species human
gender male
weapon grenade launcher cross with A staff that turns into nunchucks that fire 50 caliber rounds
looks like unknown he where A dark black cloak the cover his body and where's a skull mask
bio I am extremely fast very accurate I was once A part of the White Fang but now I seek entry to Beacon because my whole entire family was killed by those vicious monsters ever since that i've been training to become a hunter

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Name: Whit Branwen
Nicknames: Young Branflakes, One armed Whit, The heir of the White Fang.
Weight: 117 lbs (180 lbs with robotic arm included)
Height: 5’8”
Eyes: Black
Hair color: White(length varies but he normally has longer hair with a small ponytail in the back he also dyes it like every other week)
Race: Whit is a white wolf Faunus.
Gender: Male
Look/Style: Whit normally wears a black scarf and a black cloak or trench coat with a yin yang symbol on his shoulders, back, and collar over a black t shirt, black jeans, black boots(yes black cowboy boots),goggles(black(yes all of it)), and sometimes a black broad rimmed hat. He also has a robotic right arm with a yin yang symbol on the shoulder of his right arm. Whenever In the mind palace(see Other Abilities/Skills) his eyes turn completely white and he frequently dyes his hair.
Allegiance: Student, Age: 17, School: Beacon
Personality: Friendly, Nerdy, slightly autistic, book lover, music writer/listener, musician, movie fan, kind of odd, in touch with the supernatural and not with the real world.
Relationship: Single has never dated before (this is true for Whit, not Myself)
Semblance/Aura: Fear (His presence makes his enemies see him and his allies as their worst fears; when fully active It has the result of a “bomb” made of fear affects everyone but him) (The more he uses his semblance the deeper into insanity and depression he goes, and the more he tries to distance himself from everyone and thing)
Weapons: Twin Katanas that are made of every dust imaginable, he also has every type of knife imaginable on his person,two sledgehammers, two sais, two sicles, a light scythe, a great sword, and twin battleaxes(note he doesn’t carry all these at one time, but is normally never seen without about 20 knives(ten pairs of two knives) or his katanas, if he doesn’t have his katanas that is either because he has lost them or he has too many other weapons, if he has no knives then something bad has happened), and two magnums each with six clips. Whit, having been trained by Qrow, also knows how to use a scythe.
Bio: When Whit was 10 (his name was White Wolff at the time) his parents (who were the founders of the White Fang and its leaders at the time) were brutally murdered by Adam Taurus and was forced to live on the streets or in orphanages running from the White Fang when he eventually met a girl named Nora Valkyrie (whom he had a crush on, but never said anything due to himself being told he was ugly by others and himself(Though he is actually very handsome[Think Tom Hiddleston])) and her friend Lie Ren. Later he dated The Fall maiden for a few months before she was attacked. Eventually he met Qrow Branwen when he tried to steal some food and alcohol from the hunter, Qrow took pity on Whit and adopted him and taught Whit how to become a hunter and sent him to Signal than Beacon Academy and inducted him into the secret cult thingy. Other than that not much is known about Whit's past before Adam killed his parents.
Other Abilities/Skills: Whit can shut down functions of his body to go into his “mind palace” where he can think at accelerated time, 1 week in the mind palace is equal to about 5 minutes in the real world.Whit also has an issue with multiple personalities, he has each of his major mindsets from previous years so he can talk with the personalities of his past as well as the major emotions/allegiances(lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, chaotic evil). Whit is a great thief and pickpocket due to his time stealing for food or money. He is also fast due to his having run from the White Fang, he was even hoping there would be a track or cross country team at Beacon but was disappointed when he found out there were no sports teams at Beacon.He’ll have to talk with Ozpin about that.

Dear Moderators
Hello all who were promoted to moderator. I am leaving this to you this shall be my legacy. You are the Heads of this community now. Do with is as you wish. It is up to you whether this community is to flourish and grow or is shrinks and die. You are my legacy you will be this communities salvation or damnation.
Thank you,
sincerely, Whit Branwen(Connor McKay(soon to be Qrow Branwen))
P.S. If you need anything just email or go to the link for the other welcome to beacon an Drive and if you want Join us there too. That would be all, Happy Hunting.

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Hey guys sorry about this but Welcome to Beacon (RWBY role play) is moving to this link

looks around and yawns I wonder if I'll find anything interesting here

<White is walking around the main hall looking for people to converse with>

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Name: crimson moon

Look/Style: pic

Allegiance: Freelancer 21+

Semblance: vanguard (can either fight as an unbeatable wall or act as a defender and protect allies)

Aura: insanity (when released at full power it drives nearby threats insane)

Weapon: scythe/spear gun

Bio: not much is known about moon other than his skills weapon and profession. Due to this most people stay a distance away from him
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