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The Jasperz Hotline Miami Appealing Flight/Bomber Woolen Jacket for Mens – Biggest Offer 50% OFF Sale – Hurry-Up Limited Time Offer!!!

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Hotline Miami Jacket is crafted to inspired from the "Hotline Miami" game, High Octane game famous among Globe.
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This game is cancer

Anyone want to be owner of this? I have very little use for it anymore

I think it'll be cool if there was a hotline Miami that follows beard's life during his time In Hawaii as he builds his friendship with jacket and the other members of his force

This group is kinda dead huh?

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Please Join and share your opinions

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Mystical Rahz - Co-writer, sprite artist, recruiter.
Zalan Virag - Co-writer.
Vault-tec Rep - Sprite artist, Music editor.
YourNeighbourlyComrade - Character design, sprite artist.
Red Fox - Music recruitment.

All of us can pitch ideas for the game, sprites we've made and music we like.
Co-writers will handle advertising too
I'll edit this post as you all request/decline roles
I'm glad to have this started :)
If you want to be in the development team, just message me

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