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Hello everyone! I'd like to set some rules here. :)

No bullying
No bullying that is not a part of roleplay is tolerated. This rule shouldn't be said but sadly it needs to. This goes for everyone in the community. The owners, and the mods. If you see any bullying tell the owners or a mod.

1st time = warning
2nd time = loss of all characters for 24 hours
3rd time/continuous = permanent ban

All trolls and UTTP (UTube Troll Police) will be banned instantly.

No godmoding
Everything has a weakness. No you're not Princess Celestia or Firestar.

1st offense = warning
2nd offense = loss of all characters for 24 hours
3rd offense/continuous = permanent ban

No theft
No theft of any kind. Period. If I or somebody catches you stealing, I will shove a brick down your throat and ban you. This goes for OCs, art, stories, private species, etc.

1st offense = warning
2nd offense = loss of all characters for 24 hours
3rd offense/continuous = permanent ban

No spam
This is just plain annoying and nobody likes it. It's stupid and fake.

1st offense = warning
2nd offense = loss of all characters for 24 hours
3rd offense/continuous = permanent ban

Rules For Mods

1. Just because you're a mod doesn't mean that you have to brag about it. Just no.

2. Don't ban people just because you don't like them. You have to tell me or +foxylovegirlhound123 first and if we both agree, then you can ban the person.

3. You have a job to help protect the community. Please help reinforce the rules too. Please keep an eye out when both of the owners are offline.

And the profile template is:

Prefered Gender:
Picture or very detailed description of your character:
Zodiac sign:
Fun facts:

Any profile that doesn't follow this template after this post want be approved until it has the necessities. I will not accept just the name, age, and profile and a picture of a cat from Google.

And no, if you ask to be a mod, your chances of being a mod will decrease and I will only choose people I trust or that are worthy enough and expirence enough. 

+Nova Foxx​​

+Gabby R​​
+Divergent Dauntless​​
+Sapphire Dragon

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My Doll Divine creations
49 Photos - View album

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Name: Mia
Age: 2 years
Rank: pet
Personality: fun and playful
Bio: Ruff!
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Pups: none
Mate: none
Crush: None
Gender: Female

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Family: unknown
Rank: Med cat
Mate: none
Crush: none
(other parts on image)

Can someone tell me a software I can use?

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Name: naminyan
Info: Came from the future

Any cat in this tribe, comment your cat below.

Leader: Skunk
Pet: Silver (me)


Second in command:

Healer: Dust (foxylovegirlhound123)
Pet: Crystal (foxylovegirlhound123)


In Training:

Silver (foxylovegirlhound123)


Oldies (elders):

Skunk leaped into the lake that surrounded the front of her tribe. She had to hide her scent to spy on the other tribes. As soon as she got to the shore, she began making her way into foreign tribe territory

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Name Goldenfeather
Age 17 moons
Rank medicine cat
Personality dark and mysterious. She was the kind of cat that would hide in the corner and not talk to anyone
Bio meow
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Siblings none
Kits none
Mate she can't have a mate
Crush spots
Gender female

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