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Please I need help... I can't find my full semester results and M not owing any fees

wanna say happy new month to all unique students of uniport

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Seriously, this economic recession is no longer funny ooo. I saw a woman pricing school fees "Aunty, How much if we remove Geography and Physical Education? I want him to become a doctor not a traveler. Or what if he comes to school only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, will you reduce it?"

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WaSH Photo Competition
Identify: Select Water, Sanitation and Hygiene problems/challenges facing your Higher Institution
Capture: Take Graphic Photos
Upload: Upload Picture Files; Outline problems/challenges with short text (Relevance, Cause and Effects, Solutions)
Win: Exposure and Exhibition
For Details/How to participate contact us at

Pls when is uniport going to bring out their jamb admission list 2016/17
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