If any people even go on this google+ page in the very dusty corner of use to be popular fanfics, just to let you very few people know, I am going to be re-writing the Point Of View story to fit the writing style I have now. Honestly nothing really is going to change besides the way I write it and the (Hopefully weekly updates) character names of people you haven't even met yet. It will be posted on Wattpad under who-knows-what-name yet (I'll get a link one day). Bye everyone! 


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Okay so some updates:
-my email was not working so I couldn't post anything
-The Due date for the profile is now Due the 1st of January(I'll be busy most of the year)

Yep it's going to be a tad bit late my damn email isn't working sorry guys.......

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Do we want a Fanfiction Tab for all the Fanfictions?
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AGNA Chapter Two will be posted THIS FRIDAY. 
-One chapter will be posted each friday unless emergency calling
POV C7 Way One will be posted THIS FRIDAY.
-Yes I will have a regular schedule now for it Each friday also.
NOTE: Chapter Seven of POV is a lemon. I had a vote a while back that I would make one of these. But, I didn't really like it that much. So this is basically a spin off but it WILL affect the 8th chapter! Hope you guys enjoy!

Profile Pictures for the Community is Due the 27th. Please make sure to email me the picture and who it is by. Sometime after that, we will make a poll on the community. Whichever picture wins(Has the most votes) will be the winner! I might change the profile every month or so, so it makes things a LITTLE more fair! 

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SOOO I finally got around to making Akuma's Profile on my website. Please check it out!
Need the link?

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1. Made By: Sara Gomez or Sara H. Gomez
2. Sort of Short
3. From girls Perspective 
4. Guys can read it too I suppose
5. There will be a part 2
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