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talabi adegoke

Announcements (Posts by Mods only)  - 

Help out! Give to Digital Inclusion Drive Africa - Tech Mobile Lab #impact #crowdfunding
Support 'Digital Inclusion Drive Africa - Tech Mobile Lab' by donating or sharing today!
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Gary Tanck (GT Classic Plastic)

Your Feature Requests  - 
Why can't we just have a link to ALL of our albums right here...?
Nikita Remez's profile photoGary Tanck (GT Classic Plastic)'s profile photoเสฎฐวุฒิ กรีดกราย's profile photo
+Nikita Remez I do NOT use the "NEW" google+ because it's worse than ever, i went back to the old, just like hundreds of other people i know. And YES, "we' CAN change things if 'we' stand together and VOICE our mind; too bad you have no backbones at all (maybe you're just another brainwashed american, I am not!). SUCKS!!!! AND it does NOT (not??? do you know what that means???) "SHOW" "ALL" of the albums that GOOGLE+ CREATED (yes; that is google+ just what WE are talking about!) for all my posts... GOOGLE PLUS CREATED THE ALBUMS! WHY THE HELL DON'T THEY HAVE A LINK TO THEM???? And about the VIDEOS, if you knew ANYTHING about google+ there is options to include VIDEOS at the top under our profiles where it says, POSTS, COLLECTIONS, etc.... just because the screen shot i shared was NOT that page doesn't mean it's not there! Do you're homework before you TRY to help someone, again. Thanks for your 'help' Nikita but your 'help' don't work.
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Andrew Girdwood

Your Feature Requests  - 
An alert option for when a moderator/owner posts to a community. Such a feature would be especially useful for a group such as this.
Andrew Girdwood's profile photoLee Jarratt's profile photo
+Andrew Girdwood Excellent feature request! Please do make sure to send this feedback to the Google+ development team by hitting the "Send feedback" button in the Google+ navigation menu.
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Mohamed Magdy (๓๓)

Report an Update  - 
Google Introduces a Solution for Communities Without Owners

Orphaned communities (communities that no longer have owners) have been a big problem for a long time. Google just introduced a solution. If you are a member of an orphaned community, you can use the form below to volunteer to become a new owner of the community.

A couple of important notes:
* Approval is not automatic. Google will review each applicant carefully to prevent trolls and other malicious individuals from taking over orphaned communities.
* This process only applies to communities that have no owners. It cannot be used in the event of ownership disputes or in cases where there are owners who are ignoring the needs of their communities. 
Julian Bond's profile photoKeith Wilson's profile photoUrbano Llamas's profile photo
This should be extended to inactive communities. Where inactive is something like no posts or comments for > 1 year.
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Rick Dickson

Discuss Recent Updates  - 
Mark Zuckerberg was so scared of Google Plus he declared a company-wide 'Lockdown'
Business Insider - 20h ago
The day that Google launched its social network in 2011, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called an impromptu meeting that turned into a declaration of war.
Paul Duggan's profile photoNicholas Thompson's profile photoTin Daddy's profile photoMark Jaklovsky's profile photo
Methinks Zuckerberg won that battle.
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Mohsin Rafiq

Report an Update  - 
Hangouts iOS update.
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Zain Ajam

Discuss Recent Updates  - 
Let's say Google did the following to Google+:

1. Allowed invites to communities through means other than just Google+ invite posts i.e. Through email, messaging, any social app etc

2. Enabled viewing of communities to non Google+ members with the option to join if wanting to comment

3. A more robust commenting functionality that allows commenting with pictures, locations, stickers and links

Guess what ... A private community is now exactly the same as Google Spaces ... So why do we have a separate Google Spaces app?

Karthik Nagaraj's profile photoรชานนท์ พรมวงศ์'s profile photoSergy Shonin (sider)'s profile photoTross Viruss's profile photo
+Julie Wills​ that is why you have the option to delete the link and thereby restrict access to the space.
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Mohamed Magdy (๓๓)

Speculate Updates  - 
Forget the free trial of Play Music, this is how to incentivize Nexus sales.
Google I/O has taken its toll. At least that's the way it looks based on the fairly quiet week we've seen for app updates thus far. The biggest update to a... by Cody Toombs in APK Teardown, Downloads, News
Jonas Jerner's profile photoAlexis Breithoff (abreithoff)'s profile photoЮрий «RedBaron» Стельмащук's profile photoIvan Petrovic's profile photo
I hope +Google​ work with +Samsung Mobile​ to get free original quality not only Nexus 
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About this community

Your community to discuss any Google+, Hangouts and Photos product updates. This is the community to speculate what updates might be coming, report updates you've found, and to share feature requests. This is NOT the community for posting help related questions, these will be removed without notice. Spamming and posting off-topic is greatly discouraged, these posters will have their content removed and/or be banned. Now you've read the rules, have fun and enjoy!

Jonas Jerner

Discuss Recent Updates  - 
Way Google remove extended cicles in latest G+ app for android? I like extended cicles. I hope we get it again. Please send feedback if you like extended cicles 
ครูแจ็ค อาจารฝึกทหาร's profile photoThanawan Khoonmee's profile photoAnun Bunsi's profile photo
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Kenny “KitkatRai” R.

Report an Update  - 
Has anyone else seen this on their side?
Oooooh, what's this? A new feature I see?
Kenny “KitkatRai” R.'s profile photo
+Kiefer Jackson​ that's not how that works 90% of the time :P I am on chrome OS! You can tell from the folder icons!
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Lee Bailey

Discuss Recent Updates  - 
Is anybody else experiencing a lack of Notifications in the notification icon since the new UI was launched?
Tross Viruss's profile photoอำนาจ ตาโท's profile photo
เรียนรู้การเผยแผ่ใหม่ สำหรับพระกับ google
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Mehmet Soydam

Speculate Updates  - 

Is this Carousel-like timeline slider new? I've seen it for the first time.
คุณ หน่อย's profile photo
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I am not really feeling the new Google+. What I like about the new version is the layout. What I dislike: No more tabs. I am trying to lure my FB followers here (since FB is not sharing all my posts to all my followers), plus I notices I am getting more views on G+ than FB )and my G+ was never fully setup). If the tabs are going away, then I need to at the minimum have the section for youtube in the new G+. It is critical to my business. Also, it seems that some of the options (like streaming) is missing the old drop down menu was easier to use and provided more of what I need. Would also be nice to leave the counter of how many people actually viewed the page as well.
Gustavo Caucayo's profile photoKenny “KitkatRai” R.'s profile photo
Collections will probably fit the bill for you, the views though were useless
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Zain Ajam

Discuss Recent Updates  - 
Does anyone find Spaces confusing? I feel like Google didn't know how to allow commenting with pictures or maps in Google+, so they created a whole new app for Spaces. In my mind, Spaces should be a third sharing space in Google+ ...

Collections - only creator posts there
Spaces - small group of people post there
Community - larger group of people post there

Pierre Bonhomme's profile photoMark Stronge's profile photo
You can have topics, it's more a temporary space
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