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I'm just curious... How few of people should I have in a circle so when I go to circle streams, it's guaranteed to show ALL the posts from people in that circle?

I really truly hate the new G+, it keeps me from seeing important updates from my friends, like when they have medical issues that could be life threatening.

At least Facebook has the option to view things chronologically, though you have to select it each time, but at least it's there.

G+ used to do the stream chronologically, showing everyone's posts, but that basic functionality got taken away with the new design... so what are we left with to see everyone's stuff?

Are we really expected to go to each person's profile individually?

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Where is the "Collections" item in the Google+ ?
It hasn't appeared for several days.

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New Android and iOS updates

Some updates to introduce some of the features that have been available on the desktop version for a while.
Several Android and iOS updates

Hey Plussers, I have a few mobile app updates to let you know about which are coming over the next few days, I hope you enjoy them:

Delete, report, block with the option to delete recent comments will be arriving on Android and iOS. This is the mobile version of the web feature we announced a while back:

Ban community member post option will be arriving on iOS. This feature is already on Android and Web.

Prioritized plus-mention suggestions will be arriving on Android. This feature prioritizes post owners and commenters in the plus-mention auto-complete suggestion list.This feature is already on iOS and Web. In addition, we will be improving the overall auto-complete suggestions in general on all three client platforms.

White top navigation bar (you may have already noticed) is rolled out to Android, replacing the red bar, which matches iOS and Web.

In addition, we're continuing to investigate and improve memory and performance of the new Android app that we recently launched (

Cheers, and, incidentally, I'm not actually blocking Steven, he's a teammate and one of the engineers that helped build these features ;)
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How about allowing all G+ members to make headlines of all post colourable?

Old versions of Google+ Apps will be disabled from 20 May

After that date, you will still be able to access G+ on older devices by using either a current version of the app, if your OS version is supported (it probably is), or by using the mobile web interface.

Edit: Clarification

The wording of the email is poor and is alarming many people unnecessarily.

For the G+ app itself, only people running
Version 7.5 or earlier of Google+ for Android
Version 5.0 or earlier of Google+ for Android
will be affected.

These people will need to update to the current version of the app. If you have an ancient version of the OS (really ancient - people running Android 4.4 have confirmed that the current G+ version, 10.4 works), you may need to use the mobile web UI instead (

For photos backup, only people who have not already installed Google Photos when it separated out from Google+ (2 years ago) will be affected.

These people will need to install the Google Photos app ( for Android or for iOS) and use that to back up their photos instead.


Potentially affected users will receive the following email message, and will also get in-app aletts.


This message was sent because you may have an older version of the Google+ app installed on one of your mobile devices. Effective from 20 May 2018, Google+ for Android version 7.5 and older, and Google+ for iOS version 5.0 and older, will no longer work. Note that if you chose to have the photo backup setting enabled in Google+, your photos will no longer be backed up. Previously backed up photos will not be affected.

If you’d like to continue backing up your photos with Google, you’ll need Google Photos. If you already use version 1.25 or newer of the Google Photos app for Android, or any version of the Google Photos app for iOS, and the Back up & sync setting is on, you're all set. If not, you can get the Google Photos app and make sure that the Back up & sync setting is on.

The Google+ Team
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Changes to photo back ups in G+ for Android and iOS.

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"Whether your users are scheduling a meeting or catching up on Google+ posts, it’s important that they can easily see who they’re interacting with. That’s why we’ve added new person information cards that appear inside your G Suite apps on the web, like Google+ and Calendar, when relevant."

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Do you really consider intersting the "Discover" section on the G+ desktop?
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