Who wanna rp with me in lunarclan?


can +Just Galactic +Rebel Arrow or +Tskuni Komori make me mod/ owner plz

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Name: spiritkit
Gender: female
Age: 5 moons
Rank: kit
Clan: lunarclan
Mother: fleetfoot, but everyone thinks its whitefern(aka fleetfoots sister)
Father: skystrike
Siblings: i forgot their names XD
other kin: foxstar, greyfern
Future names: spiritpaw, spirit-eye
Future ranks: apprentice, maybe medcat
Facts: she knows that fleetfoot is her mom, and she is blind in her left eye. Also she is a prophecy cat
" Beware the one of the dark heart and gaurd the one if the spirits" - flleetfoots prophecy about spiritkit

Apperance: in pic

Whisper was walking in LunarClan territory. She didn't know about the Clans, so she kept walking. ((Open RP))

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Name - Moonkit

Age- 5 (In Wolfkit's litter)

Gender- Female

Appearance- Pic

Personality- Some what shy, but very helpful and perky. Always energetic.

Backround- She was born in a litter with Wolfkit and always ran away when her littermates bullied her. She always tried to play with Wolfkit but didn't want the others in her litter to see her with her. She always wanted t standup for her but was to scared.

Clan- Lunarclan

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Name- Yellowkit

Age- 5 almost 6 moons

Gender- Male

Appearance- pic

Personality- nice to everyone to cover up how he acts towards Wolfkit

Back round - Find out

((credit to +Blake Wolf  for finding the picture & making the profile ^^ thx!!))

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Name: Whisper
Age: 5 moons
Clan: open
Gender: Female
Crush: Open
Mate: too young
Rank: loner
Parents: unknown
Siblings: open
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