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This is a fantasy medieval RP set on a planet named Alevania. The current year is 800(AD).
It has been 14 years since the huge bloody war between men and orcs that tore through the kingdoms of the world and many haven't fully recovered. Your job is to forge your own kingdom out of the mayhem that surrounds you. Will you be the emperor of a powerful empire, or will you be the king of a small yet prosperous kingdom? The choice is entirely up to you!

Anyway, on to the rules and system of this RP.....

Basic stuff
- Respect everyone in the community
- No autohitting
- No overpowered bullshit
- Maximum of 2 shitposts per day
- What the owner/mods say goes
- Maximum of 5% of population in military service (including reservists)
- 2 irl days = 1 RP year


All kingdom profiles must contain these things at a bare minimum....
Military personnel:
Capital city:

If you break the rules you will go through this system....
1. Receive a warning.
2. If you receive more than 3 warnings you will be banned for 3 days.
3. If you rejoin after a ban and go through another 3 warnings, you will be permanently banned.

(Note: After 3-4 weeks a warning will be removed, so if you rarely receive warnings they won't build up)

These are the basic rules you will need to follow when it comes to RP battles.....
- RP battles will only happen on 1 post.
- Before a RP battle begins both sides must state how many units they have.
- If during a battle 1 side fails to respond for over 24 hours and they do not give a reason as to why they cannot respond, the battle will be counted as an instant victory for the opposition.
- Reinforcements will not be allowed into a battle unless they were specifically mentioned at the start.
- New weapons made whilst the battle is going on cannot be used in that specific battle.

There are five types of warships you can construct depending on the size of your ports....
- Only the largest ports can construct superships.
- Superships cost a lot of money to build and maintain.
- Superships take up to 5 irl days to construct.
- Superships carry a crew of 1000-1500 sailors.
- Require fairly large ports to build.
- Battleships cost quite a bit of money to build and maintain.
- Battleships take up to 3 irl days to construct.
- Battleships carry a crew of 500-800 sailors.
- Can be built at most ports.
- Frigates are affordable in almost every navy and aren't too expensive to maintain.
- Frigates take up to 2 irl days to construct.
- Frigates carry a crew of 200-300 sailors.
- Can be built at any port.
- Privateers are very cheap and easy to maintain.
- privateers take up to 1 irl day to construct.
- Privateers carry a crew of 50-125 sailors.
- Can be built at any port.
- Sloops cost practically nothing to build or maintain.
- Sloops take up to 6 hours to build.
- Sloops carry a crew of 10-50 sailors.

The economic strength of your kingdom is just as important as your military strength and so managing it correctly is pivotal unless you want to declare bankruptcy within a decade of starting out. Invest too much into one area of the economy and other areas will suffer. Build too many of them battleships that all the cool kids have and you won't have any coin for all the other basic needs.

There are a total of 4 races currently available to roleplay as.....

(Note: Also, it will be possible to create other races, however, you will have to make a really good profile for them and some incredibly good lore.)

Rodinia (the northern continent)
- Rodinia is a cold place due to its positioning just beneath The Far North, it is filled with forests, grassland and rivers but it also has a few mountainous regions.
- Rodinia is very large, stretching across 16 million km², and that's not counting the thousands of tiny islands that surround it.
Isenmar (the western continent)
- Isenmar is a moderately warm place due to it being in-between both Rodinia and Morenia.
- Isenmar is famously known for its many mountainous regions immense in both gold and silver, making the kingdoms of the west some of the richest in the known world.
- Isenmar stretches across 10 million km² meaning it is the smallest continent of Alevania.
The Far North (The huge northern continent)
- The Far North is easily the most mysterious continent of the known world, thus there isn't a great deal to say about it.
- The Far North is the largest continent in the known world, reaching a size of around 28 million km².
- The Far North is uninhabitable due to the freezing cold climate which is believed to be capable of killing a man within mere minutes.
Morenia (the southern continent)
- Morenia is the southern most continent of the known world and has a slightly colder climate than Isenmar.
- Morenia is the second largest continent of the world, reaching a total of 21 million km².
Abrish (the eastern continent)
- Abrish is mainly made up of deserts and tropical regions, making it the warmest continent in the known world.
- Abrish stretches across 12 million km², making it one of the smallest continents only ahead of Isenmar.

Moderators act as leaders in different roles across the community and help the owner in maintaining stability. There will be a total of 5 moderators and they will all be granted with a certain amount of power over regular members yet they will still be beneath the owner. If a moderator is seen as not doing his/her role to a substantial level or is believed to be abusing their position, there will be a vote to demote them (although it is also possible for the owner to just demote a moderator without having a vote).

Map editor -
AI Roleplayer -
AI Roleplayer -
Chief Manager -
Chief Manager -

(This post will be frequently updated)

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I'm reserving this land till I make my profile later

Suggestion Post

- Make a map of the Races.
- A religious map? What do men pray to etc.
- Unique creatures? Dragons?
- A history about the war.
- Expansion template?

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