Many people have been banned because they were spamming, writing hate comments and much more! They don't deserve to be unbanned. So I won't list them here.

STV Please has been banned forever due to following reason:

1) Commenting on others posts bad texts against +Harrison B.
2) Number 1) was done by a form of spamming.

Pepeman 2002 Has been banned due to the following reason:
1) Excessive swearing.

Dien Ti has been banned due to following reason:

- Commenting pornografic content

Supercell Clash Royale has been banned to the following reasons:

1) Repeatedly commenting about "Free Gems"
2) Probably spam botting about free gems.

Agus TV has been banned due to posting inappropriate posts

Victor Yin has been banned for repeated swearing, cant join back

Manav Mahshevari has been banned due following reason:

1) calling people names
2) selling his Clash Royake account (illegal)

Alex Casanova has been banned for bullying, he CAN'T REJOIN

3 Spammer have been banned due to following reason:

- Posting over 20 times minute to minute the same video with fake thumbnails in the community!

Not able to join again
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