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Hola Jessica! How are you doing? Sorry to pop up like this, but I really miss you, and your videos too!! I've been quite worried since you haven't posted in a while... Anyway, hope you're doing well and see you very soon :)

hello everybody how are you?my name is david and I am 23 years old I am new to here but I hope that we are very good friend the truth is that my native language is Spanish but I want to know more about the use from English!! Good see you soon

Hi everyone! I'm a member new.i wanted to learn much more english,because have a trip to new york.I think need this.
Thank you so much!

I have two questions, I know "There's" = "Hay" ,but when you are talking about plural nouns, like, for example: "En la casa hay 3 niños"
Do you say "There's 3 children" or "There are 3 children" ?

And, if you want to say "Hay algo aquí", then do you say "There's something here" or "Here is something"?

What does "Bias" mean? nunca he podido con eso :(

 El ingles americano presenta gran variedad al pronunciar palabras en donde se encuentre la letra T bien sea al comienzo o final inclusive en medio de dicha palabra.
La intención es conocer un poco del porque se da este caso y si existen reglas gramaticales al respecto????

what is the meaning of "duh" and what are the two possible tones to say that word? video requested +Eliud Suárez 

Hi everyone!! I'm new here and I am so happy to have found this enthusiastic community. Thanks Jessica Ojeda for your project and to give me the opportunity to join all of you. I'm trying to learn English, and with your support I will not feel alone anymore. I found your youtube chanel for chance 2 days ago, and I´m really impressed with all the resources I have discovered through you and your team since then. So thanks so much, or how the people say in the region of England where I am living right now, Ta Love.

Has anyone learned in school or from a teacher (not through learning from native English speakers) how to contract with subjects? Let's call these "subject contractions" unless there's a better name.


Subject Contraction with IS
SELVA's a great place to learn English together.
SELVA inglés is a great place to learn English together. (Inglés ends in S and in this case contraction doesn't work written or spoken.)

Subject Contraction with HAS
SELVA's got great listening videos.
SELVA inglés has got great listening videos.

I contract to subject ALL THE TIME and it hit me the other day I think it's an overlooked part of English grammar. What do you think?

P.S. The above examples are examples of me tooting my own horn! haha Just a little English idiom to throw in the mix this morning for ya!
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