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My friend is in need of emergency commissions. Of you need any art done please commission her immediately. Help her out and hear her story.

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Currently offering these 3 panel tfs for 25 bucks. Current theme for the month of November is thanks giving plush sona vore. Christmas theme also avalible in Christmas toy tf!

Send me a message if interested
My weasyl is Jitters


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I am currently open for most any kind of Traditional Commission ranging from a single badge to Large art bundles.

Headshot – $15
Half body – $15-$20
Full body – $25
XL – $25-$30

BookMarks: $7-$10


Badge Bundle –$50-$60
- One large badge (about 10-11 in. in height)
- One tail badge
- One Circle-sona badge
- One Head shot Badge
- One Paw Badge
- One Tail Badge

Small Bundle #1 – $75-$100
- 11x14in stretched canvas painting (acrylic)
- Badge with lamination and simple shading
- Full body w/ simple background and possible some shading
- Pinup w/ shading
- Small badge w/ lamination
- Tail badge w/ lamination
- One lineart either feral or anthro

Large Bundle– $175-$220
11×14 in. stretched canvas painting
8×10 in. stretched canvas painting
- Large badge
- Circle-sona Badge
- Tail badge
- Headshot badge
- Pin-up w/ shading
- 11×9 full page full body w/ background/scenery and shading
- Pin on button

For a full list of all we offer please visit:

I prefer Paypal Only!

Prices do NOT include shipping!
I do not ship outside of the US.

All Characters belong to their Rightful owners:
Artwork is done by Myself
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I would appreciate all responses please! I am saving up for a fursuit head from Velveteen Soldier, and I aim to make that money over the summer. I am going to be using polymer clay to make charms. What kind of charms, furry related or not, would any of you be willing to buy for around 15-20 dollars? For payment, are you willing to send that much of cash in the mail (which is no different than sending cash in a birthday card)? I want to sell to people here but I need to make sure some are interested :)

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For a limited time I am doing badges like the one pictured for only $10!
It will include lamination, cardstock backing and shipping in the U.S

I can do any species! and will be accepting Paypal!

I am accepting up to 30 Slots! I get these done quickly 

Ex. Below- Character belongs to myself!

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Alright so I don't like doing this kinda crap but life just flpped me the bird.

20 dollar adult art work color
10 dollar non adult art work color.

Just lost my car, life just went on hard mode and I need all the help I can get

if you are interested in a commission
please pm me on weasyl my user name is jitters. and I will get back to you.
my picarto is also here

Update: new plan is in the works to set things back up so I can have an easier time getting a car. Upside to this is I don't need to take commissions any more atm.

I will instead be switching back to working on my adult comic on weasyl and patreon

Thank you to every one who shared sympathy.

I am open for several different commissions currently! 

I am open for Badges: $10-15 depending on complexity, includes shipping/mailing, and lamination!

I am also open for scarves!

Small: $20-35 depending on complexity and yarn 
Large: $35-50 
Infinity scarves: $35-50 
Shipping is included for all!

I will be only accepting paypal, and am needing 50% of cost in advance. 

Feel free to PM me for more information or if you are interested.

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I'm offering 5 pay what you want december commission slots. anything over 5 dollars is line art and colored.

pm me on weasyl if your interested, thanks :D

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