Hey time to find ya real crew wish I was apart if this how we know how Jesus t.kirt looks like get it fans Jesus Christ yea... ...

Mr Abrams. If it's You please tell me I'd like to speak with. No rush.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - #SWSpoilerFree

Take the pledge to help everyone see Star Wars without spoilers!

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Hello, are you J.J Abrams?
My names Trey Taylor
I sortev heard that you are developing
a brand new movie of Sesame Street!
I love Sesame Street since I was little.
I want to contact you and ask about something. My favorite characters are
Big Bird, Elmo, and most Mr.Snuffelupagus.
Dont know what its about or when but
I hope it turns out great!
Just like the first movie, Follow That Bird
I was so happy to hear Big Bird on the
Big Screen!
I have a little question to ask, please tell me,
will Mr.Snuffelupagus be in this upcoming film? And who's your favorite character?
If yoy see this please let me know.
Thank You
From Trey Taylor

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Hello, are you J.J. Abrams?
My names Trey Taylor,
I heard your making a brand new movie of Sesame Street!
Im a big fan!
It was one of my favorite shows when I
was little. My favorite characters is
Elmo and Mr. Snuffelupagus
but you can call him Snuffy for short.
I know Im not little anymore
but I just cant forget the memorys of
my favorite characters!
I want to ask will you please please
let Snuffy join in?
Big Bird would love that
Please let me know

I just finished watching LOST a few weeks ago and it was damn awesome.

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