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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers examine a 3D-printed part using the selective laser melting process (credit: Julie Russell/LLNL) General
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3D printing has become one of the most exciting and talked about technologies of 2013. The ability for the masses to make almost any object not
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Maker builds a DIY SLA 3D printer for less than $30:

#Atmel   #3DThursday   #3DPrinting   #3DPrinter  
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Marketing aside: I thought it was clever.
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Dear 3D Printing community,

I'd love to invite you all to the open beta test for our latest online 3D printing service. It's called MeltWerk. We're starting with white PA12 SLS printing, shipping to whole Europe. You don't have to order anything, this beta is all about getting valuable feedback.

We want MeltWerk to be build around the user's needs, and since you guys are the real pros of 3D printing, your thoughts on how you like the service and what would keep you from ordering something would be extremely valuable to us. So have a look and tell us: What do you like? What doesn't work for you? Just shoot an email to to tell us what you think.

I've read the rules and I hope this doesn't qualify as spam. If so, feel free to delete this post.

Best regards from Berlin (ok, right next to Berlin),
minimum order value 5.00 €, excl. delivery costs. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the requested size of your item. For the requested size, please visit or set biggest size. Here we go for further information. Got it, let's go!
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Hi +Liam Jackson, thanks for giving it a try.
Which of the files did you try to upload? I'll let our support team look into it.

For your question regarding the material, have a look at these two help articles:

I hope this will answer your question. If not, get back to me and I'll help you.
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Dear community members!
Let me commend Budapest 3D Printing Days to your attention.

You have until 29 March to apply to Budapest 3D Printing Days Central Europe's most prestigious 3D prtinting summit - with a 50% discount for a limited time only!

Design Terminál is holding the event between 14-16 May: the program already features keynotes by high profile speakers such as Davide Sher, renowned journalist and collaborator of 3D Printing Industry and Davide Gomba, CEO of Officine Arduino.

If you want to apply, you can find the application link below:

For more information please visit:
For more information, please visit:
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Exclusive Interview with Filemon Schöffer, 3D Hubs

Prior to the #3DPrintshow in #Berlin talked to some of the guest speakers in order to get insights into the 3D design and #3dprinting   industry of today and tomorrow.

Our first interview guest was Filemon Schöffer, Head of Community at +3D Hubs. 
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This is probably the cheapest DLP SLA 3D printer that you can build yourself for some 500 USD including the projector! "Little Dipper" has a simple design that anyone can replicate with some basic DIY skills and it makes prints with reasonable quality. The most expenisve par is the projector ...
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AutoDesk: " We already have two photogrammetry products, 123D Catch and Recap, with a confusing overlap of features. Should we consolidate them into a single entity ?"

Marketing: "NO! lets introduce a third !"
Join us at the Autodesk Memento Community!
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Game changer?
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notice they compare this machine to those... they dont compare it to a single envisiontec machine or other dlp tech thats been around for decades. Also why have a tiny build platform? This thing is total click bait investor hype.
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Contest of 3D Printing Innovation & Creativity
Theme -- Printing robots with 3D printing technology

Design Brief 
3D printing technology, a pioneering advance manufacturing technology, is rapidly transforming the way we live and manufacture. It is able to quickly materialize creative works and turn them into real products, which is its biggest advantage over other technologies. It is considered an inevitable trend in the future that 3D printing technology will integrate with robotics, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies. This is believed to inspire a new era of industrial revolution. 

2015 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference & Expo, jointly hosted by World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, Asian Manufacturing Association and China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, will be held on June 3-6, 2015 in Chengdu, China, which is regarded as the largest party of the 3D printing industry that gathers well known experts and companies across the world. 

To increase the communication between China’s 3D printing companies and their foreign peers, and strengthen their collaboration  in technology, and to promote the combination of 3D printing technology with application market, we initiated the 2015 World 3D Printing Innovation and Creativity Contest, which is open to worldwide users and enthusiasts of 3D printing technology. 

Purpose and Significance 
To promote application and popularization of 3D printing technology; to enhance international collaboration  and communication; 
To drive combination of innovation and creativity with 3D printing technology; to encourage practice and imagination; 
To usher in the era of intelligence and propel the integration of 3D printing with robotic technology and some other intelligent manufacture technologies; 
To combine 3D printing technology with creative designs so as to advance innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Hosted by 
World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance 
China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance 

Organized and operated by 
Institute of 3D Printing Technology 
3D Printing Online

Exclusive Naming sponsorby
GuangDong Silver Age Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. 
3Denjoy Creative

Awards Criterion 
Special prize: 100,000 CNY and a desktop 3D printer. One of the winners.
First prize: 50,000 CNYand a desktop 3D printer. One of the winners.
Second prizes: 10,000 CNYand a desktop 3D printer respectively. Two winners.
Third prizes: A desktop 3D printer. Three winners.
The Contest is expected to receive thousands of pieces of designs from the world. Outstanding works will be displayed at “2015 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference & Expo”,which is the largest 3D exhibition in the world. 
Outstanding works will be shown to the worldat3DPrinting Qingdao Innovation Center, and 3D American Silicon Valley Innovation Base.

Contest Procedure
Designing creative works     3D Printing works Send Package to committee Works exhibition Works selection and evaluation Present Awards

Terms and Conditions
Works that are unique with distinctive personality, creativity and innovation are preferred. 
The final object should be strong in functionality, and particular functional electronics parts can be assembled without destroying its integrity. 
Minimum size is 40×20×20cm (15.75×7.87×7.87in) without upper limitation. 
Participant agrees that the organizer owns the winning design file and the printed winning design.
Organizer will not return works, so that some designs will display on the Expo and Innovation Center after. 

This competition is open to all designers, professional and amateur, regardless of age, gender or nationality.

Deadline date on May 1, 2015.
Printing by yourself, or other 3D printing service agents.
Submit your work on 3D printing online ( The organizer can  assist your printing processing. All the contestants can enjoy a sixty percent discount onservices fee.
This competition only accepts printed physical part as submission. The entry package should contain the followings: 
1. Printed physical part for submission. 
2. A description of your design in less than 200 words, in English, printed on an A4 size paper. 
3. A printed and signed Registration Form. 
4. A CD containing the softcopy of the design file, the description, the registration form, pictures of works and participant.
Please send the entry package to: 
Celeste Maisel
Pier 9, The Embarcadero 
Autodesk Receiving Door A , San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
Expert Committee 
Jack G. Zhou, Professor of Drexel University, USA; President of Research Institute of 3D Printing Technology; vice-chairman of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance. 
Yan Yongnian, Professor of Tsinghua University, vice-chairman of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance. 
Shi Yusheng, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, vice-chairman of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance. 
Graham Tromans, Vice-chairman of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance. 
Luo Jun, Executive vice-chairman and secretary-general of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance.
Tan Songbin, CEO of GuangDong Silver Age Sci & Tech Co., Ltd., vice-chairman of China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance. 

Time Schedule
February Program start comprehensively; hold press conference; set up special reports and zones on 3D-Online for promoting; make program brochure both in Chinese and English; publish special ads and news on major media.
February-March Organizing committee send invitations to 100 famous colleges and universities, 100 design institutions,600 Maker organizations and 100 related companies
March-April Organizing committee release special promotion reports on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, MicroBlog, Tencent and other international and domestic major social media; hold press conference in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
May 1 Deadline of submission. All entries mail to Qingdao 3D Printing Research Institute.
May 2-3 All contestants be invited to “3D hackathon” in
Institute of 3D Printing Technology from all over the world that hackers introduces the works and creative exchange activities.
May 5 Determine the top 100 qualified works in panel conference, which will be published on 3DOnline and other media, encourage netizens to vote on 3D printing Online.
May 31 Determine the top 10 competitors by panel and netizens; to invite them to   the Conference & Expo.
June 3-6 Exhibit entries in the Expo.
June 6 Determine final winners according to the vote results of panel, the Conference representatives, netizens and visitors; hold award ceremony and press conference.

Contact Person
Ms. Gao Yan, Director, Institute of 3D Printing Technology 
Tel: 8610-84783805, 13911850543, E-mail:
3D Printing Online:
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everyone wants to join this contest can contact me.
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e shep

News  - 
Looks like a cool idea to me.
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Fantastic! I've wanted a wax printer for years. if this works reliably, I'll be buying a spool for sure... it will give me a reason to fire up the foundry again!
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So freaking ugly!!! I love building cheaper houses, that's good, but why make them so ugly? We also need to change the idea of huge houses so close one to another that you feel you can't breathe. There's a green desert around them as well, instead of a colorful vegetation. I would NOT live in such environment, it would make me depressed pretty quick.
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MakerPi 3d printer,combanation of 3 kinds 3d printer,normal one,dual color printing and mixed color printing.
MakerPi 3d printer
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Highly regarded +Rachel Park (former chief editor of +3D Printing Industry) just launched the brand-new #DISRUPTIVE  e-magazine at #3DPrintShow   #Berlin

Pretty amazing to see stunning 90 pages of exclusive #3DP  content, you've not heard about before. Our community celebrity +Richard Horne also contributed a cool article for beginners.

The first edition is free for everybody to download ( :-)
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Helped and assisted Irina Pavlova, colegue in Computer Sciences by LLP(Horizon2020) and Sokrat programmes. Tape of 3D Graphics: see Refraction of Light. 19NE view point, prime vectors of motion view are 19SW,19S, 19W 
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Какво е това и какво  общо има с 3d принтирането?
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Making use of the oxygen inhibition layer per the Carbon3D/CLIP announcement, Gizmo 3D tries it out with a submersion style resin printer. The top of the resin is inhibited by O2 so instead of trying to print right at the surface of the resin, you focus just underneath it ( 150 microns or so ). This also avoids meniscus defects caused by the part disturbing the surface of the resin.

30mm in 6 minutes at approximate 50 micron z axis resolution. No need for expensive Teflon AF film.
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Hehe cool.  
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This isn't 3d printing specific, but we all use their products.
This is amazing. 
Massimo Banzi tells us about a serious rift in the core Arduino team, which is just coming to light now. One of the founding team members has gone off on his own, claiming rights to Arduino and starting a separate operation. We asked Massimo to explain the situation in his …
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So not cool. Think I'll put this in my hosts file.
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Help support a really cool and innovative project. It's #3dprinting  a #cubesat   that will head to the #moon   !
We're headed TO THE MOON with your experiments! We're competing in NASA's CubeQuest Challenge.
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My first blog entry for Accucode is now live. Just got back from SXSW and had a great time with my e-NABLE group.
Eighteen months ago I watched a video on Youtube that changed my life (see here). A young boy named Liam in South Africa, who was born without a right hand, was using a prosthetic hand that was 3D printed so he could be a normal, happy kid. His smiling face and determination to make it work made ...
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+Zeki Bildirici If you can volunteer to translate the building instructions for the e-Nable group, people can start building them in your country. Visit and fill out the intake form. Would be great to have you join us.
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First 3D Printer Manufacture in vietnam.
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Ấp ủ từ ý tưởng nghiên cứu và sản xuất ra những chiếc máy in 3D mang thương hiệu Việt, Công ty cổ phần 3DMaker đã cho ra đời hai dòng máy 3DMaker Starter và 3DMaker Pro230.
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available now at ~$600
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