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#Sardauscan #horus #cyclop

Cool someone have made a firmware to use the sardauscan with the horus scanner software.

thank Andy

Whoops, Tiko just imploded. They're shutting down and looking for an investor to bail them out after fulfilling ~4100/16000 Kickstarter units. 

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Proud to announce the renewed BCN3D Sigma R17 - Reengineering Versatility :)! Check out this video!

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I know a lot of people are extremely excited about the new Wanhao Duplicator 7, I've made an update video and a mini review on the machine to help those that are on the fence with whether or not to buy, check it out if you're interested

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This is the new Sigma, I have always liked this machine. Anyone has experience with it? +BCN3D Technologies​

Check your hotends when buying a new wanhao i3 or maker select. I had my maker select for about year and anything above low speed it would print poorly. Finally fed up I disassembled the hot end and aluminum shavings fell out of the heater block! To save pennies they aren't washing the parts after cutting them. So during assembly shavings can fall into the chamber.

I used a fine copper wire to push out the plug in the nozzle and then cut it in half. I found an aluminum shaving inside. Ugh!

So my recommendation now is not only check the frame screws when buying one of these printers but also disassemble the hot end and check.

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So here's my #VelocityPainting code:

A word of warning: this is in no way production-ready – I suspect you'll need a programming background to get it up and running, and the code is fragile in use.

I wouldn't normally release something this hacky, but experience tells me that if I wait until I clean up the implementation to be more than the hack it currently is, I'll probably wait forever.

So if the thought of someone else's wobbly perl script doesn't worry you then enjoy! And here's hoping something cool will come of it – pass back your improvements to the repository where practicable please.

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New material breakthrough creates fully functional 3D Printed Injection Molds

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The advent of #3Dprinting opens the way for manufacturers to significantly reduce the production cost of their goods by eliminating many steps in the #manufacturing process, such as casting and welding metal. It also reduces the complete production process to no more than three to four key players.

Learn more at

#additivemanufacturing #engineeringtechnique #disruptivetechnology

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