I have a E3D clone hot end, I am pretty sure it has a Teflon lined heat break. Can I just swap it out for an all steel heat break?

Thoughts and Suggestions Please.

My friend has a printer and I was looking for a list of parts I need to buy that can't be printed.

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That feeling when a print fails overnight.

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Mini Mavic STL files now released on http://diyrc.co.uk Build cost me about £35. Using 8520 brushed motors and a F3 Evo brushed controller. :-) 

Is there anyway to change the orientation of a print in Octoprint? Or a way to see a 3d model of the print instead of each line? My prints keep prining with like one edge on the bed.

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I want to livestream some of my prints for the people out there that are waiting on their next Clash of Clans battle, while sitting on the pot at work and need something to do to kill the rest of their visit there.
So I'm wondering if there is a webcam that can be remotely controlled through Youtube. I dont believe I've ever seen a setup like this before, other than on private websites. And if that's the only way to do it, how do you stream the video back to a popular website like Youtube at the same time? Otherwise, I'm just going to buy a regular old webcam(one with good reviews).

Okay. I went through a bunch of bother to get my 3D printer more or less calibrated for movement after changing the firmware version. Step one should have been confirming that the steps per mm for movement was correct.
D'oh! (in my best Homer Simpson voice)
It is a lot easier for the other numbers to make sense when you have the steps per mm set right for movement.

Dunno, am I overly sensible or is this just a mean ad?


Not cool imho

CoreXY-like geometry for IDEX?

I am sketching a bit on a new printer, and i wonder if there are any belt-driven setups that can move two or more heads independent of each other on a axis, with all motors stationary?

laptop died, duet wifi wont connect, another 8 hours of troubleshooting both with zero positive results. now I remember why I quit printing for 4 months... not sure if I have the patience for this, may be selling it all cheap...
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