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I don't know if anyone else is still around here. The last post was a long time ago. Anyways, hi.

Hello everyone, I'm needing a little advice for anyone that can help. My seizures are due to a moderate to severe TBI. That said the first medication I was prescribed was Dilantin which I was allergic to. Then I went on Keppra which although not allergic to it. There were other side affects which were so bad I had gotten to the point of not liking who I was or how I behaved. After that I was put on Lamictal and this wonder gave me aseptic meningitis. Requiring two emergency room visits. During the second visit they ran every test they thought appropriate. (Blood cultures, CT scans, chest x-rays, ultrasound and on and on trying to find any reason other than the medication. Today I am starting Vimpat. Currently I'm taking Keppra 500mg and Vimpat 100mg in the morning and 100mg of only Vimpat at night. Working up to only Vimpat 150mg twice a day.
My concern is during all of this the Dr's said I had elevated liver function, high sugar, and my gallbladder was swollen and irritated; then recommended having it removed. My plan is to detox from all of the medications other than my epilepsy medication then ask them to run the tests again.
Question: Could medication have caused the elevated liver enzymes which were what they based the suggestion to remove my gallbladder?
Question: Does anyone else feel like a test subject?

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All I have right now, is gratitude for the wonder of CBD's. The nightmare is over. I'm 46 and I finally feel what it is to be human. See that mouse wrapped up and dieing? Thats how ive felt my whole life with this condition. Now im the snake, and my condition is that mouse. Thanx for reading. Keep on mutating, I know I will.

Dilantin allergic, Keppra cause other issues, and no Lamotrigine caused the worst allergic reaction I have ever had in my life. I seriously thought I might die..... For Tonic Colonic seizures caused by a TBI anyone have a life line suggestion for this guy feeling really lost and off course with life?

My doc just put me on gabapentin. She put it on for my jme and i was wondering if anyone is taking it?

Hello everyone! I'm an epileptic, as well as, a mother to an epileptic. I'm hoping that we can become a support system and discuss new studies and treatments. Thanks for the add!

Does anyone take Vimpat? If so how is it for you and what does may i ask?

Allergic to Dilantin just started Keppra any thoughts? I'm one month from driving again and I'm really anxious.

The doctor has prescribed Dilantin any thoughts or experiences anyone would like to share would be appreciated.
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