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Pete Soder:  NIPS Conference workshop chair Dmitry Storcheus shares his view on career in machine learning

Dmitry Storcheus is an Engineer at Google Research NY, where he is doing scientific work on novel machine learning algorithms. Dmitry has a Masters o...                Read more:  Data Science ,  Career Advice ,   Technology News 

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Megan Dalla-Camina:  Do You Know Your Derailment Factors? Part Two

Many people get derailed because whilst they are doing a great job in their part of the business, they don't really understand how that work contributes to the overall objectives of the organization that they're in.                Read more:  Career ,  Career Advice ,  Women ,  Women in Business ,   Women News 

When Leaders Should (and Shouldn't) Apologize at Work

Saying 'sorry' can build trust, but it can also make you sound weak. 

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Amy Francetic:  Networking Must-Do's: Before, During and After the Meeting

Networking is probably the single best way to push your career forward, but a lot of young people seem to stumble in this process.  It's a skill rarely taught in school and there aren't many ways to figure it out except by jumping in, making a few mistakes, and then learning from them.                Read more:  Networking ,  Millennials ,  Clean Energy ,  Tips ,  Career Advice ,  Millennial Networking ,   Business News 

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Shelley Zalis:  Mentorship: The Best Gift to Give and Receive This Holiday Season

As you find yourself in a sea of holiday lights, making toasts at cocktail parties, and exchanging warm sentiments, I encourage you to share a gift that has far more intrinsic value than any other. Give the gift of mentorship, or ask someone you admire to mentor you.                Read more:  The Girls' Lounge ,  Mentorship ,  Mentoring ,  Reverse-Mentorship ,  Community ,  Millennials ,  Careers ,  Career Advice ,  Female Leadership ,  Female Empowerment ,  Women in Business ,  Holidays ,  Holiday Season ,   Business News 

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The unwritten rules of asking for time off when you work remotely

           By next year, it’s expected that  nearly half of all Americans will work from home .  With more and more jobs providing the option to work remotely or have flexible hours, you may already have a role where you can work anywhere with Wi-Fi.  So, for some, there is a temptation not to mention that instead of your regular coffee shop, you’ll be logging on from a Starbucks a few states away next week. Does your boss need to know you’ll be out of town for a wedding? Or, that you need to spend the morning getting your car inspected? If you could complete the rest of your work later that evening, does it really matter?  Read more...  More about  Communication ,  Work Environment ,  Business ,  Mobile , and  Contributor   
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