I am sitting by the chasm looking over the edge. I close my eyes just enjoying the peacefulness of the late night (( +Commander Valdez​ )) 

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Profile Format
Name: Ashley Crowe
Nickname(s): Crow
Faction Name: optional (ex. Tobias is given; known as Four)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: July 13

Faction of Birth: erudite
Test Results: erudite, dauntless, abnegation
Divergent or Not: yes
Current Faction: dauntless, with rebel ties

Personality: angry, with severe overprotective issues, seems very goofy when calm but is actually quite depressed and unhappy
Likes: fighting, animals, being crazy, cuddles, being lazy
Dislikes: hate, bullying,cheap shots
Hobbies: righting music and playing bass guitar
Fears: falling, being alone, being forgotten, losing loved ones

Strengths: fighting, figuring out stuff with physicality
Weaknesses: things you are not as good at
Sexual Orientation: bisexual, gender fluid
Relationship Status: single
BF/GF: none
Friends/Allies: unknown
Enemies: unknown

~Hair: as in picture but with multi cored streaks threw out
~Eyes: picture
~Skin Tone: picture
~Height: 6'1"
~Body Type: picture
~Typical Clothing: male: if wearing a shirt a looser version of the one in the pic, and black skinnyish jeans or combat pants
Female: cropped leather jacket with or leather vest with faded angel wings on the back, same shirt, and skinny jeans
~Other: tattoos in the pic plus "outlaw" arcing over belly button, chain on right hip

Backstory: always seemed a little feminine and boisterous as a youth and thus got bullied from it and never got all that accepted or got encouragement and is why I developed depression, eventually go tired of being called a girl too and accepted that I have a feminine side and became gender fluid

During the aptitude test I got very confused as they had to manually give me tests as I chose abnormal circumstances the normal program didn't run threw and I eventually realized this was different than normal life and my test administrator was shaken when I came to so I eventually figured out I was divergent

When I chose dauntless to express myself more, immediately started tattooing myself and coloring my hair, and excelled at the tests, being very physically fit and having studied weapon blueprints in erudite

After breezing threw the tests and becoming a full dauntless member and would go outside and explore for more thrills i stumbled upon a rebel camp even finding someone that I accepted me when I was young and started receiving rebel info on and off from them finding it intriguing to think about

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Name: Jocelyn Nicole Adams.
Nickname: None
Faction Name:  Six
Gender: Female
Birth date: March 20th

Faction of Birth: Erudite
Test Results: Dauntless Candor Erudite
Divergent or Not: yes
Current Faction: Dauntless

Personality: Depends on who she is with
Likes: Books fighting
Dislikes: Anything that pisses her off.
Hobbies: varies
Fears: Her father Heights whips drowning snakes and spiders

Strengths: Hand to Hand combat.
Weaknesses: Thinking on the spot
Sexual Orientation: Bi.
Relationship Status: single
Friends/Allies: N//A
Enemies: The people who piss me off

Appearance: pictures are encouraged
~Hair: Blonde past mid-back slightly wavy
~Eyes: Green
~Skin Tone: Slight tan but kind of pale
~Height: 5'5"
~Body Type: Slim but muscular
~Typical Clothing: Pic
~Other: Tattoo of flames that spiral around her waist and stomach

Backstory: I was born in Erudite but only grew up knowing my father. My mother had died during childbirth. My father was Candor but he and my mother fell in love after my mother's death he decided to stay in the Erudite faction to raise me. He wanted me to turn out just like my mother because he thought of me as her second chance at life. My father wasn't the best man in the world always treating people badly because he thought he was superior. He definitely didn't treat me any differently. Whenever I did wrong I would get punished for it. The punishments were different each time getting worse as I got older. When I was 12 my father came home angry something happened at work and it pissed him off. So he started drinking. An hour later he was completely wasted and started beating me. I was badly injured and had to seek medical attention. My father told them I got in a fight with dauntless kids at school. When it was finally time for the Aptitude test I tested Erudite Dauntless and Candor. Want to escape my father but also learn to defend myself against him if I saw him again. I chose Dauntless and started a new life.
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I am walking through the Dauntless Faction Home heading towards the tattoo shop. I am lost in thought trying to think of the next tattoo I will get ((open))

1) Although this community is primarily for Divergents, you may be from any faction you choose. You may also be Factionless if you so choose.

2) Sex and pregnancy are allowed but in moderation. Both roleplayers have to agree to it and you are not to repost in the middle of it. Rape is not allowed. Also, no posts that are purely for sex or finding a boyfriend/girlfriend.

3) If you are Divergent, you have a choice of being part of the rebel group. You do not have to be a part of them if you are Divergent; it is optional.

4) No spam please! If you post any chain posts or any "repost or die" posts, you will be removed from the community. If you return just to spam again, you will be banned.

5) You may advertise communities as long as you ask first. No advertising other Divergent RP communities! If you do this you will lose your advertising privileges.

6) You may post fanart and fanfiction as long as they are for Divergent only. Post them in the Discussion category.

7) To avoid power struggles, all faction leaders are NPCs. This includes the Divergent rebel group.

8) You must post a profile if you join! No one likes ghost members. You have up to 2 months to post your profile. If you do not have a profile after the 2 month period, you will be removed from the community.

9) You may be a canon character, but please ASK ME FIRST!!! Also, use the full profile template. Your character will not be approved until you do.

10) No supernatural powers or abilities. This is the world of Divergent, and as far as I know, no supernatural powers exist.

11) Share this community with your friends and have fun!

Profile Format
Name: first name mandatory, middle & last optional
Nickname(s): optional
Faction Name: optional (ex. Tobias is given; known as Four)
Gender: Male or Female
Age: not too young, but not too old
Birthday: month & date mandatory; year optional

Faction of Birth: can be any of 5 factions; may not be born into the rebel group
Test Results: can be any of 5 factions
Divergent or Not: yes or no
Current Faction: any of the 5 factions or the rebel group; may be different from your birth faction

Personality: pretty self-explanatory
Likes: can be anything you choose
Dislikes: again, anything you choose
Hobbies: optional
Fears: everyone is afraid of something; THIS IS MANDATORY!

Strengths: what you excel in
Weaknesses: things you are not as good at
Sexual Orientation: straight, gay, bisexual, etc.
Relationship Status: single, taken, engaged, etc.
BF/GF: tag your significant other & state their character's name; only add this when you enter into a relationship
Friends/Allies: people you are close to in your faction
Enemies: people you see as rivals in your faction

Appearance: pictures are encouraged
~Hair: length, style, color, etc
~Eyes: color, shape, etc.
~Skin Tone: various types
~Height: be realistic, no one is 7 feet tall
~Body Type: various types
~Typical Clothing: usually people dress in the style of their faction
~Other: tattoos, jewelry, etc.

Backstory: everyone has a story to tell; you must have something about your life from when you were young. be detailed, but try not to write a book. if you are with the rebel group then you must give background info on how & why. if you are Divergent in a faction then state why you chose that faction

Canon Characters: ask me before posting a profile for a canon character
Beatrice "Tris" Prior: +Princess Elise Of Arendelle [pending profile]

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Name: Artemis Brynson-Cannor
Nickname(s): Brynn
Faction Name: Five
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: October 21

Faction of Birth: Erudite
Test Results: Erudite, Candor, Dauntless
Divergent or Not: Divergent
Current Faction: Dauntless

Personality: secretive, closed-off, fierce, sensitive, curious
Likes: some people, dragons, solving mysteries, adventures
Dislikes: death, betrayal
Hobbies: reading & writing
Fears: death, whips, heights, large dogs, tall men

Strengths: skilled with guns
Weaknesses: not good with hand-to-hand combat
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Relationship Status: single
Friends/Allies: more of a loner
Enemies: just about everyone

~Hair: red; wavy; reaches just past shoulders
~Eyes: bluish green
~Height: 5'6
~Body Type: appears skinny, but is quite muscular; about 120 lb.
~Skin Tone: pale, but tans easily
~Typical Clothing: see picture for clothing
~Other: tattoo of a dragon on upper right arm

Backstory: My parents weren't married when they had me. I was born out of beer and passion. My dad was Candor, my mother Erudite. After my dad got my mom knocked up, he left. She still loved him, and attached his surname after hers for my last name. When I was old enough, I took the test to determine my faction. The woman who administered my test pulled me aside after it was over and told me my results were inconclusive, showing mostly Erudite, Candor and Dauntless. Her sister happened to be part of the rebel group, and she said I could go there if I ever got discovered. On my choosing day, I chose Dauntless, and I was bound and determined to be Dauntless. I am revered and admired in my faction, and people know not to mess with me.
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~Artemis Brynson-Cannor "Brynn, Five" Dauntless

+Astrid Hofferson 
~Jocelyn Nicole Adams "Six" Dauntless

+Clint The Eyes Of The Hawk 
~Aaron West James "Four" Dauntless

+Blake Belladonna 
~Ashley Crowe "Crow" Dauntless

+Jųdgmęñţąl Çąţ 
~Shai Flynn Black "Pitch Black" Dauntless

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