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I have said before that +Helen Sedwick is the woman to go to when you need to know anything about the legalities of writing. Again she proves why she is a great resource with this article.
It answered some of my own questions.

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HELP!  I'd like your feedback on an author marketing survey I'm doing.

I'm getting mixed signals in the press. So I'm conducting my own survey as an author and member of this respectable community.

I'll share the results with any participants that want them.

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback. 

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Useful pointers on #evergreen(ing) content from +Lori Shapiro. Well worth the read!
How evergreen are your blog posts, e-newsletter articles, and other online-content assets? It's time to plant some serial saplings! #contentmarketing #blogging #newsletter

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Here is a heads up. I hope this never happens to any of us, but ut is good to be aware and cautious.

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Creating a book trailer takes time and patience. +Joanna Penn found the very talented Jerome McClain to help create her terrific trailers. You can learn more about Jerome and his work at

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If you are like me I always have oodles of projects either waiting to be finished or waiting for me to start them! I feel there may be hope for me after reading +Josh Murdock post. I am now gleefully rubbing my hands together as I hatch a plan. Fist bump. Josh.

+Carolyn Capern thanks for sharing this- sometimes I just need a light slap upside the head to get me on the right track! You get a hug.
What kind of results can you get on Fiverr?

Fellow blogger +Josh Murdock of +TheProfessorjosh decided to see what kind of results a $100 overall budget could get him for a few projects on Fiverr. 

In this blog post, Josh outlines what he requested and what he received, providing valuable insights for those of us who have ever wondered if what you can get for $5 on Fiverr is really worth it.

#Fiverr   #freelancers   #bloggers   #bloggingtips  

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This is a great article to bookmark or save to Evernote. You never know when this can happen to you.

+Helen Sedwick  is the author of the Legal Handbook for Self-Publishers This book is a MUST for any writer's bookshelf. 
Content theft is big business, whether it’s illegally downloading movies or reposting blog posts without attribution. Every month Google receives more than 30 million requests to remove search results that link to allegedly infringing material. Thirty million a month!

Sooner or later, every blogger and writer will find her work reposted or republished without permission. Or she may find websites offering free PDFs downloads of her books.

The good news is writers have various options for dealing with content theft, and 99% of the time, they will not need an attorney. A little research and a few emails may do the trick.

Here's a guest post I wrote about content theft for The Book Designer.

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Great ideas on how to get your self-published book out and into the offline world! I really enjoyed this podcast hosted by +Joanna Penn  with guest +Debbie Young 

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