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Interview With Lean And Agile Coach Pawel Brodzinki

Pawel is a very well known personality of the international #projectmanagement community having more than 15 years experience. He is a mentor, speaker, and Coach. He is the founder of Lunar Logic. He has given some tips about #changemanagement and #stakeholdermanagement. Read his full interview to get the precious tips.

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Going to a coaches conference
I attended a coaches conference and it was very helpful. Here are a few of my notes from the Agile Coaches Symposium from Chicago.

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Food for Agile Thought’s issue #110—shared with 11,602 peers—dives into the roles of change that are critical to its success, we look at fundamental concepts of systems thinking and how to apply them to today’s product management.

We also advocate self-selection of teams, we go back to the estimation debate, and we learn to understand better how design thinking, lean, and agile were supposed to work together —before rituals and certifications.

Have a great week!

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"Are your reactions driven by the challenges of the task or the challenges of your work culture? "

I just publish a blog post on the importance of work culture and its impact on decision making. The post is in french and english.

Have you observed this in your teams?
#agile #culture

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Communication is an important part of the software development process. Are you truly listening during meetings? Or do you experience distractions? Do you feel others are listening to you?

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The following 70 scrum master theses describe the role of the scrum master from a holistic product creation perspective.

What is your take?

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Why shouldn’t the Product Backlog Item be divided into two when the sprint has finished? According to our PM, Daniel Zacharias, doing that just seeks to apply a band-aid to a problem that is being manifested. What do you think about this?

#ProductBacklog #Agile #SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareArgentina

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An oldie but a goody
Why story points? Why indeed a classic blog on the subject.

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EA Planning & Management: Case Study
An example that illustrates the benefits of EA workflows and their complementarity with agile development models
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