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Quote: "Never Judge a book by its cover."

Name: Rose AngelHeart
Alias: Lilith
Age: 18
Species: White/Black Neko
Grade: College
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Freelancer

Class: Royalty [Hidden Bloodline]

Likes: Sweet Red whine, Sushi, Manga, Bells, Books and roses.
Dislikes: Perverts, Jerks and Cheaters


Phantom: This power allows Rose to use a fake substitute of herself to either distract or make the opponents become confused and giving her the chance to attack.

Heal: To heal oneself or ally/opponent of her choice.

Nightmare Illusion: To inflict her opponents with horrifying yet real looking illusions as they feel the pains and see a vivid clear picture of their worst nightmare even thought they are unharmed externally.

Blue Flames: This power is a fire element causing the opponent to be burnt or stun depending on the power and force she uses upon her opponents and can use them as a way of blocking them from escaping.

Fury: When Rose is down to her final breath or is pissed off. Fury activates by turning her eyes a deadly red color as her attack, Speed and defense rise up to a higher stat as it fills in for her low health or just anger.

Heaven's light: This light either blinds or cause the opponent to lose track of those who hunt her down as this will involve stunning but only for a moment.

Weapon(s): A gold Magnun given to her by a great old friend. A white angel sword that has been in her family for generations as it passed down to one or the other. Some White angel knives that give off a powerful feeling and given to her by her mom.

Personality: Rose is usually a sweet shy young girl but once you piss her off be aware. She can be a risky taker as she puts her mind to something and never go back on her thinking as she has quite a intelligent mind.

Bio: Rose was given up from her parents who had died in a war to a orphanage and as she grew older she had lived on her own unaware she even has parents. After she had left the orphange her own blood family rejected her once she found them out who they were as they blamed her for her parent's deaths and how they were as they never wanted her. She was used as a lab experiment by some scientists that she had escaped from. In her runaway, they went on the hunt as Rose was on the hunt for those "monsters" whom have murdered her parents as she is now living or trying to live a normal life as she wants a normal life.

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(Open RP)
/sits at lunch table, alone, eating ramen/ /sighs,
/thinks 'why am I always alone..? Why don't I have any friends...?' /shrugs slightly/...

I'm walking through the city I have a jacket on with half the hood on to let out one ear

i walk around the town. I'm wearing a dark jacket with the hood up, so my ears and tail are hidden.  I turn into an alley way when i'm confronted by someone (open)

I sit on a bench in the park, fiddling with my necklace as I watch the birds. I have a hood on with the hood up (open)

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name: Midnight
age: 17
hair: black with blue tips
ears/tail: black ears with blue tips, black tail
eyes: green, sometimes brown
other: always wears the blue necklace seen in pic

Moon's ears perked up as she lifted her head from behind a pile of firewood. She sees Midnight.

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