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Welcome, Mustachians!!
So we've recently had quite an influx of new members, so I thought now would be a good time to pin up a quick overview of the community.

This is just a community, and while it may evolve into something different, I created this as an extension to the Forums where more direct communication and individualized support is possible. If it's content you are looking for, I highly suggest jumping over to the MMM forums at

With that being said, let's break down the community:

Right now, we have 5 main sections and an events page. 
This is where any random chit chat, questions etc will be posted. Let's try to keep it tied to Financial Independence related topics.
When you first join, go ahead and introduce yourself. Some examples of things to include would be what your goals are, a bit about yourself, a link to your blog (because everyone loves shameless self-promotion), your goals, or anything else you'd like to add. I added my forum username, since a good chunk of actual content is there.
By Locations
For those interested in meeting up in real life, go ahead and post your location. Check to see if someone else is near you first, and just comment on theirs. Good luck!! Also, check out the Meetups and Social events section of the forum, at
Post your own challenges here, or just check in with the challenges proposed in Frugal FIRE. If you like this idea, check out on the forums.
Frugal FIRE
This is a Hangout-On-Air show that +Sacha Chua and I do. It's still evolving, but we have interviews, challenges, check-ins, etc and we are looking to do it every other Thursday. Also check out the events section for upcoming dates and times.

Anyone can create an event, and we'll have scheduled hangouts just to chat for those who want to. 

Greetings everyone. I've been a forum member for a few short years and learned so much and had so much fun getting to know the community. I found the G+ Mustachians thanks to Jordan and I being neighbors :) Unfortunately, I'm moving next week from Colorado to Arizona and will have to hang out with him remotely. There's me, my wife, and our 7 year old son. I've been in the Army for 18 years and nearing the end of my journey. I've managed a 55-60% savings rate and now that my wife is in the workforce I expect that number to creep up with our income. Always interested in meeting new people and learning new ideas.

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New episode is up. Happiness & Low Hanging Fruit. I had a lot more useful content in this one I feel, and I definitely like the look and feel of it better than the first one. What do you think?

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In the interests of separating concerns, I decided that the behind the scenes stuff I do probably belongs on a separate channel, not a separate playlist. To that end, I created a new brand account dedicated to works in progress. There won't be anything on G+, but there is a youtube channel. If you want to be part of how this show evolves, check out the different ideas I'm thinking of.

Here is the link to the youtube channel:

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Lessons learned from the first episode.
Episode 001 Retrospective
Episode 001 Retrospective

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Still can't quite figure out how to make the buttons on the site work with a brand page like +Frugal FIRE Show, but this is an idea that's floating around my brain. What do you all think?
After Action Episode?
After Action Episode?

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I did it! I know this looks rough, but next episode is already in line to be even better. Also, I need to put "Create custom thumbnails for each episode" on my list of stuff to do. Still, that was ridiculously funny.
It's rough, but Episode 1 is done!! What do you think?

To keep seasonal when cooking lately I like substituting chopped roasted carrot when a recipe calls for tomatoes. Costco's giant bag of organic carrots keeps for a surprisingly long time in the fridge...

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New post about some of the segments of the show. Also testing out another feature of the new site. What think you all? I'm also working on a DIY segment, but kind of stuck looking for an alliterative name. Working on it on the forums.

So far, I'm liking Dependable DIY, Decent DIY, Delightful DIY.
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