Professional Radio is mostly about high reliability communications to support important operations.

When you initiate a call (whether it is a voice call or a data interchange of some kind), you don't really worry about whether it will get through. It almost always does. This is in sharp contrast to so-called "Best-Efforts" systems where they very frequently don't succeed. It generally doesn't matter if a particular call attempt doesn't succeed with these other systems because you can call again later if you want to.

Professional Radio is as much an attitude of mind whereby it is something you can rely on. Many users already do rely on it. Too many who actually do need something that they can rely on, have bought the wrong thing.

This being the case then, I would be interested in any ideas colleagues have to help purchasing professionals, insurance professionals, safety professionals and all the others who get involved, better understand the value and benefits of professional radio.

Perhaps a new scheme might be useful, or a campaign that can be launched to promote these benefits better.

Ideas please.
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