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hi everyone this is my latest bog i would love your comments and suggestions on iy

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Do you want your Twitter profile page to stand apart? A good way to do that is to create the Twitter header photo in the style of a magazine cover. You can make your cover photo for Twitter without Photoshop by following this guide-cum-tutorial. Know about everything from getting ready and taking the pictures to improvising them, and using them in a Vogue magazine style header for your Twitter profile.

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This is an extended declaration of my love for my wife, Anita Clare Field.

Love Of My Life Parts I-IV

I met the love of my life on line,
I felt loved, sexy and so sublime,
Each virtue she hits; I love her to bits,
Our future looks rosy and divine.

With hers, my passions and thinking fits,
We both despise all the hypocrites,
We aim for the stars, believing they're ours,
And any opposition submits.

From our pasts, we both have many scars,
We've both drawn on such deep reservoirs,
We've triumphed, won, found our place in the sun,
In a sense, we're our own avatars.

My darling, our lives have just begun,
We've a glorious future to run,
We can celebrate, it's going to be great,
It's a challenge, but boy, is it fun!

© Caro Field July 2017
Wedding Photo Credit: Anna Kunst

David Palmer further challenged
me to make my Gwawdodyn into a chain, by following the same principle and so having four more lines in the following syllable lengths: 9 – 9 – 10 – 9 with lines
1, 2 and 4 all rhyming but line 3 rhyming with itself but then taking my rhyme scheme from line 3 and making that the template for lines l, 2, and 4 of the next stanza .

Love Of My Life Parts I-IV via @caronessauthor


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Here's my latest blog post! Thanks! :-)

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