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Welcome to the Cosplay Cafe. All maids and butlers must fill out a short application before RPing and customers must please follow the rules listed below. I hope you all have fun RPing here

Rules for community in general:
1. Please don't feel obligated to include a character in a maid dress or  butler attire. Simply cosplaying as a character and acting like them to the costumers is fine.
2.Please keep any pictures and RP's that can be classified as hentai,yuri,yaoi, or ecchi in the category "Special Time" Please keep in mind that "Special Time is not a room in the cafe,but rather after hours if a certain maid or butler interests you.
3. This community is gender nuetral. Males can have butlers, females can have maids, etc. 
4. Spam=Ban

Rules for customers:
1. Please no inaproppriate touching of your maid or butler. If you do,we burn your bacon....on purpose.
2. You can ask for a chat with your maid or butler, video game time, or a quick talent demonstration such as singing or dancing.
3. Can request photograph sessions:
Photography sessions (the customer typically rents time in a studio during which he can tell a maid which costume to wear and how to pose)-Wikipedia

Rules for Butlers and Maids:
1. Please greet each costumer at the door with "Welcome home master"
2. Remain in character if cosplaying unless threatened
3. Can take home left over food from the day

Age: (Roleplayer's Character's age)
Species: (Human,neko,demon,ETC)
Type: (Moe,Yandere,Tsundere, ETC.)
Limitations: (Will not do photography session, ETC)
Hours and days you'll work:

Cafe open from 9 AM to 10 PM

Hope you guys have fun!


The owner's LOOOONG vacation has officially ended as of today! This community is restarting from the bottom up! Everything's getting cleaned off and polished with a newer touch. Lot's of things are going to change around here,but for the better I can tell ya that!

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I know some of y'all are a bit confused by the 'Type' section in the profile section. I hope this can explain it better

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I found this....and if I start seeing me activity here from our members then maybe there'll be more stuff like this around

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NEW- Drink friendly marshmallow's by Yawahada,Include kitty paws and peaking kittens.

Exclusively for:
Hot chocolate

Article With Further Details:
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Paaancakes for breakfast~

Sweet. Literally and figuratively.
Animated Photo

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Name: darkest night
Age: 17
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Species: neko
Gender: male
Likes: dark colours, tips.
Dislikes: rudeness,
Hours: until told to go home
Limitations: none
Type: dedere
Bio: usually the quiet one of this he social group that no one wants to cross and sometimes antisocial.

UPDATE: Changing the community to ask to join because of all the UTTP stuff going on. I advice other communities to be aware and possibly do the same
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