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I don't know who to ship
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Mr. K x Celestia
Mr. K x Zoroa

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Name: Licillia (I can't read the actual name)
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Creator: Florgest
Food: Meat and Fish
Height: 5'4
Weight: a lot
New Species Name: Indian Wolf
Likes: Florgest, playing
Dislikes: others
Personality: Reclusive
Bio: she only trusts Florgest.

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Name: Sana
Age: About 22
Gender: Female
Height: 7'8
Weight: Unknown
Likes: Dark Things, Experimenting, Creating
Dislikes: People, Failure
Personality: Silent,Dark,Smart
Bio: She was trapped in a "dark world" ever since she was 6, and when she escaped at the age of 22 she was left with a mark, her entire jaw is made of darkness and if not covered by her gas mask, would cause her to go insane and kill anything in sight until it was put back on.
she became a cruel,dark person since the dark world is not exactly friendly to those who get trapped there.

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Name: Celestia
Age: Technically she's only one month old
Gender: Female
Creator: Mr. K
Food: Stardust
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
New Species name: Celestial being
Likes: Mr. K, stars, space, reading
Dislikes: Being away from Mr. K for lengthy periods of time, large groups of people, small spaces
Personality: Quite, cute
Bio: Celestia is the product of an experiment that Mr. K conducted to see if the stars could be formed into humanoid beings. He obviously succeeded, and created Celestia. She's 95% stars and 5% human. She has a HUGE crush on Mr. K, and he is none the wiser.
Theme: (You don't have to listen to all of this, it's just really relaxing)
pictures later

thank you so much for letting me into ths group i promise to always be on topic- Mafia Toriel

Zoroa was trying to make a creature

+Ennard and Plague Knight
+Echo Dreemurr
+Captain Energon & Negative Energon

Zero was walking around inside his habitat, smiling.

anyone want to RP?

Mr. K is in the research room reading a book about subspace. One that he wrote himself, of course. He's wearing a black shirt, dark grey jeans and black shoes. He's got a mask on over his eyes, a sort of bandana that ties behind his head. Over his basic clothes is a dark colored lab coat.
Mr. K: I need to rewrite this. Too many errors.
He places a gloved hand on his chin

Celestia's habitat, unknown time.

Celestia is sitting in a corner with her head in her hands. She has just killed Licillia by accident and is now awaiting her consequence.
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