Hi there Scott- I've been loving getting into your app. I use it to send commands to Indigo via applescript. I am using it remotely from my phone with 8080 port forwarded, however I was wondering if HAM bridge supports authentication?

Are there any examples on how to get HAM Bridge to send to global cache to trigger an IR command?

Where is the IR code stored?

+Scott in Pollock I know you've used iRule in the past so have you ever used HAM Bridge to broadcast updates to iRule? Is there any way to do that? Basically, I was trying to think of a way to have smartThings motion trigger an event that would broadcast and update to iRule which would then change to a specific panel.

Is there any chance you'd be interested in writing this to run on a raspberry pi? I no longer have my mac running all of the time and I'm looking for something to do the same on my pi.

Scott... Just wanted you to know that i migrated from Smartthings over to zipato. and I have to say I just love your HAM Bridge, within the rule builder of Zipato there is a command for sending push methods to my mac mini.

Fantastic​ stuff, I love HAM Bridge

Hi Scott, I cannot find a link or help that describes how to have HAM Bridge send commands to SmartThings using an Applescript. I am trying to have an Applescript turn on/off a physical SmartThings switch. I believe you mentioned this capability in your setup video. Thanks!

Scott: I cannot figure this out. I have created many iTunes commands in HAM Bridge to run scripts to control iTunes they way I wish. I just cannot figure out how to configure smartthings smartapps to recieve voice commands from Alexa and Smartthings then send those commands to HAM Bridge for execution. Can you point me to the right place? thanks, Mark

If I buy an Amazon Echo Dot and download Ham Bridge am I able to use an Echo Dot (Alexa) to trigger Mac Mini commands using Applescript? I currently use Siri to trigger iTunes commands on my Mac Mini by using Notes passed through iCloud. My current Applescript senses when a new Note is posted and uses that Note as a trigger in the script to execute various iTunes commands. This is not reliable. I want to use the good voice recognition within the Echo Dot (Alexa) to directly trigger iTunes commands in Applescript.

So I just posted the 1.2.4 update to address the issue that Philip's Hue API has once again changed. The new parsing code may be a bit slower, but should be robust enough to not be affected by future changes.

I know, I know… famous last words. (c;

Anyone with Philips Hue notice the scene creator is broken again? I just tried creating a new scene and Philips must have made another change in the API as my parsing of the state info is once again going off into the weeds.
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