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hops and wilde parking duty
just kidding
we have reports of a drag racer taring uo the streets you find him and shut him down

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name : judy hops

age :20 ish

pred or prey:meek prey


quotes:“When I was a kid, I thought Zootopia was this perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, real life's a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means―hey, glass half full!―we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what type of animal you are, from the biggest elephant to our first fox, I implore you: try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with all of us.”

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name nick wilde

age unknown

pred or prey pred



quotes never le em get to you
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