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Hello! My name is Fanta.

A Radio dog is a Wolf/Dog that scientists have put dyes and genes into.
They Can have markings,
They have to have a Radio some where on their body.
They don't have hairdos
They can have small tiny horns.
Basses/Radios can be put anywhere on their body
NO MUZZLE RINGS Not even for me!
It is rare to have more than one tail
They may have no more than 4 legs
NO WINGS Unless you ask me!


I remember this specie

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I drew Arty last night.
I like how this came out!

Art by me. please do not Steal, copy, or trace. Thank you!
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+Fanta The Dutch Angel Dragon​ you may not approve but I made my Italian radio dog he is mixed with a lion I really hope you approve him! he would be my 1st mix! hope you approve him Fanta!... :3 xD........I understand if you do not approve him........

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Made my Mexican Radio Dog! Her name is Power!♥ she is looking for a mate! XD!♥

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Here is a radio dog adopt based on my home country's flag. Just name them and their yours.

I'm planning on making a German flag-inspired Radio Dog, and I'm thinking about naming him Galt. So, be on the lookout everyone!

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Hi guys. I know it's been forever since I posted and for that I'm sorry. I've been busy revising for A-Levels. Anyway I'm back now with 2 new adopts. I'm putting these 2 as a single adopt because they are siblings (due to the reversed markings) If anyone wants both just comment below first come, first serve!
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My community looks dead!

●I'm doing country themed RDs


I'd love for people to have Country ones!

Japan- +Stumps Før Hands​​​​​
Germany- +Inu Chan​​​​
Italy- +Glae The Wolf Therion​​
Iceland- Open
Spain- Open
Switzerland- Open
Sealand- Open
Ukraine- Open
England- +Static The Dutch Angel Dragon​​​​​​​​
Prussia- Open
Canada- +The Dark Nova (Popy2750)​​​​​​​
Denmark- +Rune Mage​​​​​​​​​
Mexico- +SilverBlue The Dutch Angel Dragon​​​

Remind me of country's in the comments. Also, if you do choose one, you can get only one. Unless you breed them

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