Name: Whisperstar
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Leader
Description: A silver and gray striped she-cat with piercing blue eyes
Clan: Streamclan

Mate: Shadow (rouge)
Kits: Swiftkit, Littlekit, Brightkit
Kin: Wildblossom ( mother) Windtail (father)

I have only one question (for now, I think), do our oc/ocs need to be approved first? Just wondering

Aurorastar stretched her wings out. The cream colored wings expanded to their greatest as she let out a purr. Aurorastar looked over her tiny clan. Soon SkyClan would grow. She was confident.

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Name: Aurorastar
Rank: Leader
Age: 30 moons
Clan: SkyClan
Kits: N/A
Mother: Dawncloud
Father: In StarClan
Siblings: In StarClan
Fur Color: Peach with orangish stripes
Eye Color: Blue 
Personality: Fair and just. Don't get on her bad side or you'll regret it!

(I know in the picture that she's a kit, but it's the only one I liked. Imagine her older.)

First come first serve. All deputies and leaders will become moderators! c:
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