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Are you interested in signing up to volunteer for one of our future shows, such as Origins or Gen Con? Do you just want to stay informed about where you can find our teams running some great games? Join our mailing list!

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Is there going to be anyone at dragonmeet in London in December? I would like to sign up to gm.

Is anything happening this year. I noticed Indie Games on Demand on the schedule any one know if they need GMs?

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Free Spacer, the game I was running in Games on Demand at this year's GenCon is now live on Kickstarter Come check it out, then tell everyone you can: #FreeSpacer

Thank you everyone who organized, coordinated, hosted, ran, played, and everything else this GenCon! As always I had an amazing time running and playing in a variety of games.

You all make Games on Demand awesome, and its absolutely the #1 reason I come to GenCon, so thanks for everything that you all do!

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See You This Week at Gen Con 2018!


The 2018 Gen Con Games on Demand starts this week! We hope we’ll see you there, in our space at the Hyatt Regency hotel, third floor, Cosmopolitan ballroom B. Use the following map to find your way, and feel free to download and print copies to hand out to your friends!

Does anyone know if Games on Demand will be happening at PAX West for 2018?

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GMs! One more opportunity for you.

Templecon is now Neon. Still in Rhode Island.

Neon theme is retro futurism (08/24-08/26). Even though they've got a theme they're still offering lots of tabletop games and they're doing it Games on Demand Style.

They're focusing on Indie-Games, wanting to showcase DIY spirit and the unexpected at Neon. Even better are indie games with retrofuturism games and elements but they will take others.

If you're interested there is a form below, pick 2 games you can run. They're not doing pre signs ups from players like they used to at Temple Con. Now they're taking live bodies from lines like we do at PAXEast & UNplugged.

Free badge, per day you run a game. If you run a game every day of con, you go free all con! Access to volunteer lounge. Slots will be scheduled for 4 hours. 2 hour slots on a case by case bases.

Right now it's looking like I'll be there with them all three days.

Submit Guest/Event Form

Twitter please follow @GamesOnDemandRI to get updates and share in the community.

Any questions don't hesitate to shoot them a tweet.

Hello everyone,

This is the preliminary PAX Unplugged Games on Demand Interest thread. If you think you want to come run games with us, and/or help run the front desk, please speak up here.

We will have more tables this year. We are still doing 2 and 4 hour games. This year instead of running every even hour, new games will be starting every hour.

We will have badges again. We are still asking for an 8 hour commitment if you would like a PAX.

We were very popular last year, in case you missed it. We averaged sitting 30 people down to play every two hours. This year we're going to blow that number away.

If you have friends who might be interested send them here. If you have a favorite designer and you'd like to see their games, let them know, this is how where the demand is.

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