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Hi Everyone My names Poppy Dalmatian
I'm new
I'm a Artist In Training
And Heres my Fursona

Traditional Ref Sheet ~ By Me
Digital FullBody~ By +help me (Can't Tag Her)
Base Edit Headshot~ By Me

Name~ Poppy Dalmatian

Age~ 15 (Soon To be 16)

Date of Birth~ 7/20/01 (My Real Birthday)

Race~ Dalmatian Fox

Gender~ Female

Sexuality~ Bisexual (Lean more towards Males)

Occupation~ Artist In Training, High schooler

Appeared Age~ 15

Height~ In Anthro~ 5'1, In Feral~ Size of a full grown Fennec Fox

Weight~ 86 LBS

Pelt Color~ Main Color white, With Black Markings

Eye Color~ Left~ Greenish Blue Right~ All Black with blue smoke

Hair Style~ Medium, spiked type mane

Hair Color~ Top~ Blue Bottom~ Light Blue Back~ Darkish Blue

Fashion~ First Outfit~ Galaxy Hoodie, Black Skinny Jeans, Blue Beanie
Second Outfit~ Blue Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt, Ripped Black Skinny Jeans
Third Outfit~ Short Long Sleeve Galaxy Dress
Forth Outfit~ Short Long Sleeve Dark Blue Dress with Black Stockings

Tattoos~ Non Yet

Personality~ Shy, Kind, Happy, easily scared

Brief Biography~ (Still Working On Her backstory)

Friends~ Many

Family~ Kona the Mox

Enemies~ Non

Mate~ Dakotah Cooper

Pets~ Candy Gore Wolf Ghost (Will Post Picture and Color palette later)
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Hello! I'm new here :3 feel like this will be fun.
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