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Check out my gig.Level 2 seller

24 hour delivery time !!!

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Want to help your clients with their Webinar Marketing? Check out my interview with Tai Goodwin who shares some amazing tips and tools to get the most out of your webinars. 

Hi Everyone!

I am currently looking for VAs with Real Estate experience. I am in urgent need of an Accounts Payable VA with LPS experience. A few other positions are: Transaction Coordinator, Contract-to-close, Repairs/Utilities, HOA, BPO and more.

If you or anyone else you know is interested in working with Pam's VAS, please contact me at the earliest. You may also submit your application/resume through the Pam's VAS website.

Thank you in advance!
 -Pam Maglione

Hello all.  As I posted below, I am just starting out and focusing on assisting the real estate community.  One of the services I am offering is website design and maintenance using WordPress and so I am in the process of comparing website themes that are specific for realtors, including MLS/IDX integration.  There seem to be a variety to choose from so I'm reaching out today to anyone willing to share any insight.  Do you have a favorite?  Is it best to have a theme that allows realtors to update their own listings from the front end or can they just use WordPress?  Or do you find most have the admin maintain their site?  Thanks so much

Above I posted one list I found

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{REVAs w/ REO Experience Needed!} Hi everyone! Had a call recently from a gal looking for several REO REVAs. I have 2 already in the Network, but would love to have more as she is looking for more and this is a highly sought after skill. If you are an REO REVA, please let me know. If you know of any REVAs who have REO experience who are looking for full-time clients, please let me know. Thanks!! (Hope this is okay to post here.)

Hello everyone.  I'm just starting out and looking forward to reading all about the world of a VA and how you navigate it.

Good morning all, I am a new VA just starting up, would love to know how you got your first customers - to give me some ideas.  I have worked as an Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant/Team Co-ordinator for 18 years and have a RSA Higher Diploma in Administrative Procedures.  Really excited about my new venture also a little nervous too. 

I want to expand my twitter knowledge and wondered if you guys could help me. I've decided to set up a Tweetchat under #vaforvas on Monday 18th August at 7pm GMT. Would love to get a feel for how it works.

[VA for VA Tip] Write guest blog posts for other VAs 
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