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Chapter 1
I was up before the alarm went off. And I am not a morning person. But this was the first day of my 5-year long experience at the Middlehaven Preparatory Academy. I know it doesn’t sound like much fun, but I should explain my background.
My name is Reed Ryans, and I can control the elements. Well, only fire, really. But “the elements” sounds cooler. And the MPA is a school for… let’s say…enhanced  people like me. If you want to learn how to control your power, attendance is mandatory. Not that you needed to force anyone to go. The school is great.
I swung myself out of bed, got dressed, and was halfway down the stairs when a voice spoke in my head.
“Hey, Reed. Why the rush?”
I sighed. “Astrid, please get out of my head.”
“Why? I like it in here. It’s so spacious!”
“Ha, ha. And how can you tell I’m rushed? Can you see through my eyes now?”
“No, but I can sense it.”
“Please just leave.”
“Ugh. Fine.”
Astrid is my sister. Correction: very annoying sister. She has the power to get into people's minds. I could tell that she left after a minute. Then I rushed outside. I couldn’t miss the bus on the first day! When I got outside, a floating stack of books nearly hit me in the head. 
“Quinn! Watch where you’re flying those things!”
A boy about my age (which is 12) jogged towards me, his jacket zipping itself up and his books putting themselves into his backpack.
Did I mention that Quinn’s a telekinetic?
For those of you that don’t know what a telekinetic is, it’s a person that can move things with the power of their minds. It’s pretty awesome. 
Quinn and I walked up to the bus and climbed on. We found an empty seat, and Quinn swept a piece of paper off of it. The paper on the ground shouted, “Hey, watch it!” Quinn jumped up as the paper transformed into a girl with straight jet black hair. She glared at us. “Idiots.”
Quinn made a face and mocked her. “Idiots.” I half laughed. My stomach growled and I remembered that I hadn’t eaten breakfast. Thankfully, our bus allowed food. I took a Pop Tart package out of my backpack and toasted it between my hands using a low flame. The bus driver called out, “Brace yourselves,” and slammed the gas and an orange button simultaneously. A portal opened in front of our bus, and we went racing into it.
I don’t recommend inter-dimensional travel. If you must, then brace yourselves, (as our bus driver says,) and be prepared for nausea. Everyone on the bus was thrown backwards into their seats as we arrived at the school.
The academy is beautiful, but I can’t really say what it looks like. That’s because it has a charm on it that makes everyone see what they want to. I personally see it as a huge stone castle, but once you’re inside, it all looks the same. It does seem like a castle, with a dining hall, at least two turrets, and even a dragon nursery. As I turned the corner, I saw Ronny standing in the middle of the entrance hall. Ronny is my best friend and she loves anything to do with water. (Part of her house is underwater). She is one of those friends that if you didn’t meet them when you were younger, you would never know them now. We are polar opposites. She is into fashion and dancing, and I am into sports and whatever clothes are clean. “Reed!” Ronny shrieked.  She was at my side in a flash. Literally. She can teleport. A voice rang out from across the hall.
“Miss Lerange! No powers outside of the classroom!”
A stern woman walked over to us and pulled Ronny aside. "What did I tell you this morning, young lady?"
"Yes, mom. No powers in school. I know."
"Oh, hello, Reed, I didn't see you there."
"Hello, Mrs. Lerange." I replied politely, still not knowing how to pronounce her name.
"I expect that I will see you both for the first years’ orientation in the auditorium in five. Have a good day, kids."
"Yes, ma'am," I felt excitement bubble up inside of me.
Ronny’s mother is not known around here as Mrs. Lerange, as I know her. Here, she is known as Headmistress Lerange. And yes, it is cliche for me to be best friends with the headmistress' daughter, but hey! What can you do? Fate is fate, I suppose. 
I run to the teachers’ hallway, hoping to find the class lists posted. I see a woman walking down the hallway, waving her hand every twenty feet or so. Looking more closely, I notice sheets of paper in the same spots she stopped. The lists! I speed walk to the closest one and look for my name. I really hope I got a nice homeroom teacher, because they take the term homeroom very seriously here. We eat, sleep and do almost everything with the watchful eye of that teacher.
Let's see. I seem to have a teacher who is new this year, so she should be nice. First years always are, because they don't know who they're dealing with, or HOW to deal with us, for that matter. I wonder what powers she has that make her suitable to work here.
I take a closer look, wanting to know who I'm bunking with for the next nine months. Your roommate’s name will be directly to the left of your own, I read. That’s weird. My name is by itself at the top of the page. Taking a second to wonder how that's possible, I come to the conclusion that it must be magic, and, depending on who is looking at the list at that particular time, it autocorrects to make that person’s name on the right of the two.
I find my name again, and slide my eyes to the end of it, pausing for suspense. I move them across the gap, to the first letter of my roommate’s name, and I see an R, an O, an N...
"YES!" I bounce on my toes excitedly. It must be Ronny’s name right next to mine, and that would mean no awkward getting-to-know-each-other-period. I smile in excitement, but my smile falls from my face as the name of my roommate, which by now has spelled “Ronn”, starts to contort. The name slowly twists into the word “Julie”. I have no idea who Julie is. I don’t even know anyone named Julie.    
Across from me is a girl named V, judging by what it says on her list. I can only see that one letter. It looks like she took out a marker and crossed out the rest.  I wonder why. I don't spend too much time fretting over it, though, and I walk to the auditorium, where students are being herded in.
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