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PicniCon Report, Day 2: Saturday
Sooooo many board games played, including Scythe, Le Havre, an epic 6-hour 2nd edition, way too many expansions game of Talisman, a demo of Attack Vector, Jamaica, Vast: The Crystal Caverns, Smash-up, That's My Fish, Codenames, Pigment, Tattoo, Kodama, and many more.

An excellent round of Encore, including "Disaster Songs" which started with a volcano and ended somewhere near Zombie Incursion.

The pork shoulder and brisket are now mostly consumed, and guests are slowly rolling home, a bit early for us. Apparently, we're getting older; no Baron Munchausen tonight. Next year, we'll start a little earlier or get a dedicated crew signed up pre-con.

Thanks in particular to Michael Dlott for running a Star Wars RPG rescue / salvage mission! We had fun, got away with the stash, and saved the Rebellion. And stole our stash from the Rebellion. Don't tell the Rebellion.

And the Pokemon gym on the corner? Totally ours. Go team Instinct!

See folks tomorrow - we open early (around 9?) and run to 6pm. There should be a few rounds of One Night Ultimate (Fill-In-The-Blank), Dark Tower, and anything else you want to bring or play.

PicniCon XIX, Day One: The Ghost has been exorcised by four excellent mediums, the Kodama have made the forest their home, civilization reached its peak and was blasted back to the stone age, Mad Scientists stole monuments by spelling long words, Dragons shipped from Nordcastle, the Sentinels saved the Multiverse, artists sent their apprentices to collect pigments for their masterpieces, and while the town formed above, below, the caves provided an excellent source of mushrooms and fish.

Tomorrow, we have on deck: an early breakfast from the team of Tyler Stewart & Karyn Stewart, Star Wars RPG (the new one) from Michael Dlott, Paranoia from Rick Healey, likely a game of Encore, and certainly a round of Baron Munchausen starting close to midnight hosted by yours truly. Of a certainty there will be Dark Tower, more Word Domination, and perhaps a preview of Hardback, the Pre-Quill to Paperback.

Thanks to all who brought food, games, and most importantly, their best and most giving selves, dedicated to the fun of all attending. We will see you tomorrow!

PICNICON PARKING UPDATE: The Broadway end of Fenwick is blocked by construction until 1pm. 

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PicniCon XIX: The Repostening!
PicniCon XIX: Go!

For our new members, PicniCon is BostonGamers’[1] annual gathering, a weekend of good games, good friends, and good food!

Go is played on a 19x19 board, and this is PicniCon XIX! Nothing whatsoever to do that it’s been one year since Pokemon Go started and we collected so very many new Pokemon in our house. Nope. Nothing to do with Pokemon.

In the home of BostonGamers' benevolent Dictator, Vivian Abraham. We are in Somerville, the Gaming Nexus, reasonably close to the T. The address is 11 Fenwick Street, #2, easily accessible by bus from Sullivan Station and Davis Square, a few blocks walk from the bus to/from Lechmere. We have some parking available as well. Let us know if you are coming via car in advance, and we can arrange for Somerville party permits.

Friday, July 7th at 11:59 AM through 6 PM Sunday, July 9th. [2]

There's both crash space and facilities to cook and store food, so bring sleeping bags if you're crashing and either food to cook or money to order out or chip in for groceries. Viv and I will be cooking and others are welcome to join us. I (Daniel) will provide many, many buffalo wings Friday evening, as is traditional. A note on alcohol: you are welcome to bring it, we usually have a big game of Baron Munchausen one night which involves lots of drinking, but we reserve the right to collect keys and/or cut folks off if necessary.[3]

Everyone should come prepared to play and/or run a game, bring board games, or do something to make it fun for everyone - unlike many gaming conventions, this is a group-participation event, so don't hesitate to join in and plan some events! They'll be lots of willing people to help.

* The traditional (and infamous) late-night Baron Munchausen game (tall tales in the grand manner),
* Circumstances willing, a grand game of Encore, the team singing and lyrics game.
* Dan:
* Viv:

If you want to run a scheduled game at PicniCon, please send me an email. [4]
We'll still have room for pickup games, but we want to put some games on the map first.

Allergies: There are three cats, Minerva, Luna, and Neville - they seem to be very good with crowds, and are now PicniCon veterans! Please notify me of any food allergies and/or restrictions, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Kids of All Ages: Welcome! The boy plays and teaches Ticket To Ride, Innovation, Ingenious, Dominion, Rumis, and anything he can get his hands on...and will want to play with you. Feel free to play or refuse. [5]

Games: Bring some games, but not all your games. Feel free to send me a list of the games you want to bring, and I'll coordinate to reduce the number of multiple copies. [6]

Just drop me an email and any difficulties can be overcome.

[1] What is BostonGamers? We’ve got the .com, the .org, the Google and Facebook groups. Ha.
[2] Come early, and you'll get drafted to clean. Stay late, the same [2’]
[2’] The weekend AFTER the 4th of July? Isn’t PicniCon a July 4th thing? Yes, and that conflicts with way way too many things this year, so we’re moving it! Plus, I’d like my wife to be here.
[3] If you bring Sambuca, you must take it back with you! We have too much from previous years. Did you know Sambuca can go bad? I know that now.
[4] Please include the name of the game, the number of players you want, the system, if you're using pre-generated characters or want people to bring them, how long you expect the game to run
[5] Proud sponsors of the Geek Parent Conspiracy
[6] For example. we're cool on Cosmic Encounter (the new new one with the expansions).

Have folks played with alternative economies in D&D? Apart from the existing layers of capitalist / kill-things-take-their-stuff / barter, have you played with anything moneyless, magical-or-other post-scarcity, or other interesting economies?

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New event at the NESFA Clubhouse in Magoun Square, Somerville, MA.

I'm still looking for people to run various R.P.G's and/or to participate in them.

Hello everyone,

I'm organizing and hosting an R.P.G. Night held in Somerville, MA (in the Boston area), and am looking for people to run and/or to participate in these events.

Currently looking for the following games to be run regularly (but not limited to): D&D 5th Edition, The Dresden Files, 7th Sea 2nd Edition, Traveler, Cyberpunk 2020, Silver Age Sentinels (D20/Tri-Stat), and Shadowrun.

If this interests anyone, please contact me here. Thanks!

Welcome Dorian! What games are you playing now? 

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We're going to start a new and unusual D&D game in Brighton on Sunday evenings. If you're interested, check out the meetup:

Also, is the bostongamers Facebook group active? I sent a join request weeks ago, and no one ever accepted.
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