Hi. Anyone have issues in s6 edge+ ? The app causes my phone to freeze everyone after installation.

tamogatott bongezot lg smart tv-hez

Ok, today I couldn't activate the savings button it would just keep bouncing and nothing would happen... Frustrating... I don't know what to do I've been searching the forms, the FAQ, and Google for answers but can't seem to get it too work on my Nexus 5x. 😣

Today Opera Max doesn't work on my device 😕

Opera Max continues to route me through a Japanese IP which is causing issues for viewing YouTube and Netflix in my country of origin (USA). Is there any way to fix this or some setting to where I can have it route differently? Turning the app off and on, and rebooting provide no help.

I have pretty much stopped using opera max. Slow slow VPN and nothing seems to load correctly. I spend more time turning it on and off then I care too. It has become more of a pain in the butt than it is worth. Must be so many users because it used to be OK. And to top it off the "recharge" and ads are so annoying... I've just given up.

opera download server is too slow was a coupon day. Why?

Are there (or will be) an option to a paid service? I hate ads and very annoing the "opera news" notifications. Also have to reconnect or add time every 12 hours. I want it "setup and forget" way with paid subscription.

We need a one tap way to turn it on and off. So many apps don't work with the running (understandable) but when you have to click and wait for the screen and then open another screen to turn it off its a pain. Maybe a button in the notification? 

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