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~Hi everyone my name is Chess belle. Welcome to Anime Role Play World~

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lays down i am Kassi (fire) and i am a master hunter drags giant moose into sight

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Hello I am Karianna but people call me Seala because oh my left eye. I was wondering you like to hangout with me? she put out her hand with smile.

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sit down on swing chair smiles thinks about one her friends his name was Blaze. (would you like to rp?)
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any girls wanna rp. preferably dom female
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Please help me out of here!

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(Plz don't just like comment to)
it was 20 AD. U where a princess in a beautiful castle, that had secret rooms and everything. U r very dominate and get everything or one u want. At the age 12 ur father goes missing while hosting a party among kings. No one saw any of the kings after that. Ur mother, the queen, was devastated. 12 years after that she past away, from depression. U where the new queen and from the new responsibilities, u needed to learn the ins and outs of the castle. When u where hand the prints of the castle, u noticed a torn, scribbled out part of the paper. The room was very big ,old, and down far under the castle. Ur curiosity took over, so u took a torch and went down. U ordered guards to stay at the door as u went down the many stairs. Finally u reached the beginning of the room. Skeletons in chairs around a big table and at the end of the table, a big thrown like chair with a skeleton. The skeleton had the clothes ur father was last saw in, And he had the crown on. It was the king... Ur father. In front of him was a book. U read it and it said... "The magical beast was finally caught. We r trying to torture him to see if there r any more of them. He laughs at the pain, he is very strong and dangerous. It seems like he doesn't care if he dies and he..." At the end of he there was a d then a scribbled line. Blood covered the rest. U froze in fear as u see this. Then there was a map showing the location of where the beast was kept. U decided that u need to see it, to see if it is still there. U grabbed the torch and walked to the room... U saw a lifeless corps chained in the air, all bloody and scared up, wearing a crown. A couple seconds after u stepped into the room u felt a dark, evil presence behind u... Not thinking u jumped away and hugged the corps. Before u pushed away from it u heard it breathing. U thought to urself how is it alive, breathing. The beast coughed up some blood. The chain snapped and he fell to the ground, his crown fell off and rolked to ur feet. He had a purple heart diamond on his back. U thought u needed to do something to him before he got up so u stepped on the gem. He coughed more blood. While u had ur foot on his back u put the crown on his head and said I own u now, u r mine. Then u...

(Dominate female only. Futas and femboys aloud. Here r some pics I drew of Drake aka the beast)
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Sally Bearrington

My character is a Somewhat strong independent woman. She's in her Late teens and has only one eye of the color hazel, the other is unintelligible, Completely mush. She is headstrong and usually doesn't take no for an answer. She has Zero crushes but is dating a gentleman named winter. She has tan skin and dark brown hair, Her best friend died four days ago. She enjoys mint ice cream, Bo Burnham, And Much more. I could go on but the list is already so long. also this is an old photo, if you can't tell by the picture, She isn't too photogenic
in also wrote my traits like this so it isn't boring.

+Nicole's Ghost​ and +William Candeloro​ should join. Just a thought.

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Hi everyone it me Chess
So I have account that I am mostly going to do role play on it. It called Kai Nightmare and this my pfp so if you would like to rp with me just tag me on Kai then we can rp

Kai Nightmare:
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