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My son's first YouTube video review: Transforming Viking printed with the Reach 3D printer!

Original design on Thingiverse:

I upgraded to BLtouch. I found my Z offset (while hot) and updated it to my firmware. It does auto home and leveling. however, while printing, its printing way higher than my bed. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? 

Hey after so looks like my x motor blew. Anyone know that fastest way to get a new one? IV checked all the local computer stores in the area but no luck. Have a project due in 2 day and have one more 5hr print to finish. Haha so close. And idea would be great. I know the reach online store sells them im just worried about the shipping time.

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Based in Nate Rogers: I also was tinkering the last few Month!

But before I present my Reach3D XL Herby Edition, I would like to thank +Nate Rogers for this great project! He builds a 3D Printer for everyone with super tuned components. Hats off! Thank you Nate and his Team!

I know what I'm talking about, because I build my XL printer from scratch. First started as a pure study, to see how far I get with little or no engineering and electronics knowledge and to see, what is possible or not, I am amazed how far I have come and what is possible.

Btw: Test run and BLTouch setup successfully completed! Also PID and Motor tuning.

But see for yourself! Pictures say more than a thousand words.
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My first tests for the fabulous Reach3D! Still some adjustments to make, but I believe that I am close! : D Despite damaged parts, like aluminum bed 3mm, profiles, LCD or missing 2 lines and the buzzer I do not know if it works !? I never heard him sung etc. etc! GRrrrr :/ The Post ! I would change the damaged and defective parts to the furthest! Anyway a big THANK you +Nate from France and your staf ;) (freinds, wife,...)
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+Nate Rogers any chance I might be able to purchase just the two aluminum plates for the x axis? I'm building a dual z screw version of the reach 3d and i really don't want to use plastic for one side an aluminum for the other.

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OK tried to post this earlier but doesn't look like it got posted. I got the first print done, yay! So far so good. This was a 20mm calibration cube, and measurements are pretty close. Below are some pictures, and I see a few issues: 1. The corner of the X and Y faces peeled up, so I think I need to get the head a little bit closer. 2. The X and Y faces are pretty rough, especially on the top half where I believe it has some over hangs. 3. There is a hole above the top left of the Y. 4. There are multiple holes on the top face around the Z. Any suggestions? Thanks! 
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I just posted a new hot end set up along with a rear mount part cooling fan bracket. There is support for both the bl touch and a prox sensor. Check it out and let me know what you think!

I've seen many people (including) +Nate Rogers use Repetier Host. I downloaded Repetier Host 1.6.2 and installed it on my trusty 64-bit Windows 7 Pro laptop. Even before I could actually use Repetier Host, it wants me to Buy the Pro version for $90. Isn't there a FREE Version and what is the advantage of paying for the Pro version?
Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks, Todd

Hello Everyone, I'm sure this was asked before.
I've been trying to get a Windows 7 laptop working with the Reach 3D with Cura. I've since 'downgraded' to Cura 15.04.6 and am greeted by a Configuration screen asking for: Machine Name, Machine width x (mm), Machine depth y (mm), Machine height z (mm), nozzle size (mm), Heated Bed, Bed Center is 0,0,0 (RoStock).
I see there is a Repetier Category, but not a Cura category- so what do I add to those fields? I've watched all the videos and I haven't found out what the settings are!
Thanks, Todd
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